Sunday, June 12, 2011

work coffeemate stealer

According to my TNT training schedule, Fridays are supposed to be a rest or light cross training day. Since I didn't get a run in on Thursday, I completely ignored this advice and busted out almost 2 miles Friday morning. It felt good to run. I always feel better at work when I have worked out in the morning. 

Midmorning snack of nutrigrain bar art! Not my favorite kind of bars, but they'll due. Not only was I hungry, but I was in need of a caffeine boost too. I have to use flavored creamer. That powdered plain stuff just won't do for me so I had to seal some from a coworkers bottle in the fridge. No idea who it belonged to but it was southern butter pecan. It was OK but I bought my own today at the store so I don't have to steal any more in the future. Well, until my bottle runs out. 

Even thought I had enjoyed lunch with my mom Thursday, she decided to walk over again on Friday for lunch in the cafe. We both ate the lunch we had brought. I had leftover spag squash, chopped spinach and red sauce. It is definitely one of my favorite work lunches. So easy to make but so tasty and filling to eat. I also had a sliced apple with PB with lunch and enjoyed a grapefruit La Croix. 

Although I didn't buy anything for lunch in the caf, I did buy a sabra hummus to go cup for a later snack. They are one of my favorite snacks, I love to get them when I am shopping at target and know I will need a healthy snack on the drive from target back to my house. Healthy and filling. 

I was very excited the caf had them in stock and roasted red pepper flavor at that! It comes with ALOT of hummus and not too many chips, so sometimes I have to add other dippers. I used shredded wheat squares. 

I enjoyed some grape crystal light, sweetened with Truvia! No scary chemicals for me! 

For dinner, I enjoyed some marinated grilled shrimp and veggies that I bought at the farmers market on Thursday. I marinated them for about an hour and they turned out perfect! I didn't have any plain tomato sauce, so I just used some jarred spaghetti sauce. Worked for me! 

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