Monday, June 20, 2011

weight watcher weekly

My Weight Watchers meeting Sunday was a pleasant surprise. I was not as rigorious about calculating points for all of my days and went over even my extra weekly points by an entire fried food dinner and frozen yogurt. I was just hoping to stay the same weight, yet I loss the most in one week I have done so far, 1.6lbs! Which means I have lost 7lbs total. I am ready for my second 5lb star in the next week or two!

This weeks meeting topic was " is it time to eat" and we talked about what hunger feels like. We also talked about honoring your hunger by tuning into your own body's signals, everyone is different. Our teacher also mentioned taking note of your hungry times and then planning for them. This is something I already do. I have learned that when ever I get to feeling actually hungry, my judgement is kind of shot. I ignore all of my common sense and eat food I shouldn't and/or more food that I should. The best thing for me to do is eat small meals/big snacks every 2-3 hours regardless of how hungry I feel. If I feel full still, I won't eat yet, but I try to never get to hungry.

It's always funny how much more I enjoy the meetings when I have had a weight loss at my weigh-in.

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