Wednesday, June 1, 2011

TNT: my fundraising letter

Oh my goodness I finally finished my fundraising letters! I am so happy about this! I honestly did not think they would take that long to get put together. I had been working on the letter and fundraising form for a more than a week so all I had to do was print stuff, stuff it into envelopes and hand them off to Mandy! I started putting them together Monday afternoon, and thought it'd take me a couple hours at most. WRONG!! I worked on them for hours and hours and hours until 10pm and didn't even finish! Actually I ran out of envelopes and had to buy more yesterday after work. I finished all the letters last night and then tonight I re-did the letters to some local physicians. I wasn't satisfied with giving them holiday card type envelopes. 

my workstation 

I put these in all the envelopes to help spread the word. 

I thought these would explain the point of the little cards incase there was any confusion. 
I handed off my shoebox of letters to Mandy after work today, we had a gas station meet-up so she could get them mailed off in the morning. I'm ready for the donations to start pouring in!

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