Monday, June 6, 2011

teriyaki heaven

Sunday is the grocery shopping and weight watchers meeting day for me. After clipping coupons from the paper, making a rough meal plan for the week and helping my dad give Andy a schnauzer cut, we were off to Target. I love grocery shopping at Target. It is so calm and classy. Plus I can scope out the cute clothes too! When I got home, I originally wasn't going to eat before my WW meeting, to help with the poundage, but was too hungry, so I enjoyed half of a scooped-out bagel with whipped cream cheese and raspberry jam. Yes you read that right, scooped out. It's a celebrity trick and you know how I love all things celebrity. Plus it takes out a bunch of the calories while leaving the best part of the bagel intact. Plus this was a super huge bakery bagel so I by scooping it out, I basically turned it into a normal bagel. 

While at Target, I got some new running clothes! Since it is getting so warm, I wanted some new shorts. I also got a long tank top to wear with it. It's not tech fabric, but the black tech tanks (of any style) didn't fit right. 

I ended up wearing the teal shorts with a tshirt to my WW meeting. Which was a good idea b/c I lost 2 pounds! Yes! 

The meeting topic was pretty spacey. At first she had "getting to know me, what is your story" on the giant paper tripod thing, but then the topic moved to different things you can track besides food, like emotions, exercise, etc. The weekly bulletin was about tracking and how to get the most from it. I still haven't read all of it yet. So one thing that annoyed me at the meeting was how our teach always acts like she wants input from the group, like a convo, but then when you do talk, she kind of wants you to hurry up and stop talking. I thought it was just me, but my mom thought the same thing about her teach too. Some how at my meeting, the topic of smoothies came up and I got so excited because I love them so much. But after I said something about them, she just moved on with literally no acknowledgement of my speaking! How dare she!? 

She made up for it though because she had a recipe on another board that suckered me in. You know how I love cookies

Smoothie cookies
1pkg. WW smoothie mix (I think you could sub a scoop of protein powder and hope to try this out soon)
1pkg. WW oatmeal (I think you could sub plain oatmeal too, but then you'd have to add some sort of sweetener)
1T raisins or nuts or choc chips or whatever add-ins you want. I used walnuts. 
1/4t baking powder (crucial)
1/4c applesauce (or pumpkin or prob. banana would work too) 

This is supposed to make two huge cookies at 4PPV's each. 
Bake at 350 for 18-20 min
But I wanted smaller cookies so I used a cookie scoop and made 4 cookies with 2PPV each. 

Of course I had to buy all the stuff at Weight Watchers to make them b/c I was too lazy to experiment. I also got some fruties, which are basically like sweedish fish and then a 3 month tracker. Yes, I can track points on my iphone, but there is no way to add notes or emotions or stuff like that. I like being able to note if some food made me hungrier later or my stomach hurt or whatever. 

The dough wasn't really green. I don't know why the picture turned out that way. But I did enjoy that it made such a small amount of cookies. It was nice to have 4 and not have to worry about not letting yourself eat all 24 cookies in one setting like when you make normal cookies. 

They were delish! Tasted like apple cinnamon cookies! I will be making these again. 

A little later in the afternoon, I decided to check on my garden. Since the onion tops were already falling over, I decided to dig them up so I wouldn't lose them in the dirt if the tops fell off. 

My dad took these pictures of me. I will be using them as "before" photos. Be prepared for a skinny supermodel at the end of the summer. 

I have a snap pea! I ate the peas out of it today and they were delish. 

I cannot tell you how excited i was to dig up a beet and carrot. Last summer, I had no luck with root plants. But not this year! I wanted to pull up more, but decided that it would be more fun to have bigger beets and carrots and that could only happen if I let them keep growing. 

I sliced them and ate them raw. 

For dinner, I made grilled teriyaki chicken sammies. Pineapple is sliced and ready for the grill. 

I carmelized some of our onions on the stove to top my sandwich. 

I subbed havarti for swiss cheese b/c we already had it. 

It was so delish! Marinate chicken breast with teriyaki in the fridge for at least 30 minutes, grill, top with grilled pineapple, cheese, onions, jalapenos, spinach and enjoy! 

This sandwich was so filling! I wanted to eat it all but had to leave the last couple bites. Even leaving some bites I was uncomfortably full after dinner. I probably could've split one with my mom. 

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