Sunday, June 5, 2011

sweating buckets

A Saturday with a 6:30am wakeup call. Not something I ever thought I would enjoy. Ok maybe enjoy is too strong of a work, as I do love sleep like nobody's business. But I do enjoy running and doing so early in the morning is much more enjoyable than doing so in the afternoon. I also enjoy how much stuff I get done one Saturdays now because I am up so early.  

After meeting for a TNT group run at 7am and doing random stuff for 15 minutes, we all set off around 7:15. I did not carry any water with me. I mean, it was early in the morning and there was a drinking fountain near the turn around and I was only going 3 miles. MISTAKE! I was very proud of myself that I ran nearly the whole distance but I know the only reason I did so was because our running coach met up with me going the other direction and someone else from our group who went a little farther than I did met up with me and then the 3 of us ran the last half mile or so together. I knew my face was getting soooo red towards the end. This always happens and I thought this was normal. After asking many running questions, I learned that a red face is a sign of dehydration! New info! Since I drink so much water just throughout the day, I thought I would have a good store and not get dehydrated easily. Wrong! Plus she said although there are lots of calculations you can do to figure out what you need to drink for your body, a good rule of thumb is to take two gulps (about two ounces) every 10 minutes. This sounded like a lot of water to me, but I am eager to test it out to see if I feel better when running because of it. 

Ridiculously red face after my run. 
When I got back from running I had a perfect frozen waffle w/ PB and nutella. Its like creamy bites of heaven! After my shower, I enjoyed a smoothie and then headed off to a fundraising clinic. We learned lots of new stuff and came up with some great ideas for group events. 

The rest of Saturday passed in a blur and I am honestly not even sure what all I did!

For dinner, healthy was the route. Homemade chicken salad in lettuce and broccoli slaw with an asian-inspired dressing. I love light and healthy dinners!

I enjoyed an applesauce on the side and let me tell you, this granny smith applesauce is the bomb diggity. I was 390, 738 times better than regular apple sauce. 

Later that night before bed, I decided I needed a chocolate smoothie . Though it tastes good, I only ate maybe 1/4 of it before I was done with it. I think it had too much cocoa powder. 

I enjoyed the small portion of my smoothie bowl that I actually ate while shopping for running gear. I decided to get this handheld bottle (with a fun blue and green hand strap) for when I don't feel like wearing my spibelt. Since I sometimes don't listen to music in the morning, I don't need a place to put my iphone. 

I also purchased two bottles that I (hopefully) can just add to my spibelt when I want to carry more water or don't feel like carrying water in my hand. I don't see why they wouldn't fit on a spibelt. Too bad they take 2-4 business days. I'd love to be able to use one or the other on my Monday morning run! 

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