Monday, June 20, 2011

sunday set-up

Review of last week

Su: rest 
M: 3 mile run: worst run ever , I didn't even do two miles, but later I looked at my TNT training sched and felt better because it only had two miles on the plan!
T: couch to 10K 8.2: walk 5, run 5, walk 1 (repeat 8 times) walk 5. I am hoping this will get me to 3 or 4 miles, PT knee exercises I woke up tuesday and felt like poo, so I decided to not run and just rest. 
W: 2 mile run, then strength training, like a 15 minute jackie warner DVD I did my interval run wednesday instead of tuesday and it went great! I felt like I had so much energy throughout the entire run! I did 2.43 miles in 38 minutes 
R: 4 mile run, or maybe 3.5 miles PT knee exercises  I chose sleep again 
F: stretch and strength, I'm thinking a knee-friendly adjusted version of Yogalosophy I ran 3.08 miles in 41:48 with a pace of 13'32". This was the day I noticed that even though I got up an hour earlier that on sleep in days and ran 3 miles I had much more energy that usual. 
Sa: 4 mile run, faster than last Saturday, PT knee exercises  Because of the heat, my run was slower than last week. 4.18 miles in 57:27 13"43 pace. Not bad considering the ridiculous mental tailspin I had going on for a while. 

This week 6/19-6/25
Su: Rest
M: rest (plantar faciatis?!--more later) 
T: 3m
W: 2m run, strength DVD
R: 3m run 
F: 2m run, lots of stretching
Sa: 5 mile group run 

Be more diligent about points tracking. 
Only 1 serving of peanut butter allowed per day. 

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