Monday, June 13, 2011

"sunday" set up

Like two weeks ago, I mentioned how a blog I like to read, Run, Eat, Repeat does Sunday Set-up for her upcoming weeks. I mentioned how I wanted to do one, but never got around to it. Welp, here it is! Although it's Monday, I think making a workout schedule for the week will still be beneficial to me. Esp since I am having a hard time doing the "cross training" two times a week like I know I should.

Su: rest
M: 3 mile run: worst run ever , I didn't even do two miles, but later I looked at my TNT training sched and felt better because it only had two miles on the plan!
T: couch to 10K 8.2: walk 5, run 5, walk 1 (repeat 8 times) walk 5. I am hoping this will get me to 3 or 4 miles, PT knee exercises
W: 2 mile run, then strength training, like a 15 minute jackie warner DVD
R: 4 mile run, or maybe 3.5 miles PT knee exercises
F: stretch and strength, I'm thinking a knee-friendly adjusted version of Yogalosophy
Sa: 4 mile run, faster than last Saturday, PT knee exercises 

I like planning things out, then I dont have to make decisions later, I just do what I planned. Though I have no problem changing my plans if I want to do something else. I've kinda made my running schedule a mix between the Team In Training schedule our running coach's made us and this Hal Higdon 10K. I'm hoping to run the Bedlam Run 10K on July 30 and though that saturday our TNT sched has us going up to 8 miles, I really want a good time for my 10K and for the next 7 weeks I want to focus on getting to the point where a 6 mile run is comfortable for me. 

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