Thursday, June 16, 2011

shot blok overload

I guess my extra rest day paid off because my run Wednesday felt great!  I spent the first 10-15 minutes of it walking and messing around with my water bottles I hooked onto my spibelt. It was my first time to try it out and all I can say is lesson learned! Don't try to put water bottles on belts that aren't designed for them. But luckily I had already decided to order a different running belt. I like my spibelt and it's perfect for a couple small items, but it's not ment for an iphone. It fits in there and if you never need to look at it, it works fine, but I like to check how my run is going, change songs, etc. so I wanted a belt that would work better for that. It arrived today! 

One of my favorite parts about my run was how towards then end when I was running out of time, I realized I wasn't feeling winded at all! It is so fun and exciting when you realize that your cardiovascular health really is improving! 

I love the way my morning smoothie is always so colorful before I blend. Please pretend it's not a super shitty photo. 

I also had a tiny bowl of oatmeal (1/4c. cooked) with mashed banana and PB2 powder. 

For some reason, it made an extra lot of smoothie! 

During lunchtime I decided to run some errands. I like running errands on my break because it seems to make the day go faster. Plus then I don't have to deal with the 5pm rush hour ridiculousness for longer than it takes me to get home. I felt it was an absolute necessity for me to get some more shot blok. Yes I only run short distances and technically shouldn't need them, but they make me feel better, OK?! I sat in my car and got my lunch bagel all ready and then hit to road. 

First stop was Sports Authority. I walked in and was beyond surprised to find a such a variety of energy chews! I wanted to get them all but managed to par down to just these. I guess I need to start running more so I can try them all! 

After buying way too many energy chews, I ran to the grocery store for some bananas, bread and sunbutter. I was debating whether I should since it would need to stay in my car for the afternoon, but I figured the food wouldn't bake tooo much. 

Mid-afternoon the excitement from the errands wore off and I needed a caffeine boost. Hello Diet Coke! Hello tummy ache from too much artificial sweetener! I enjoyed some Pirates Booty and grapes with it.

When I got home from work I was super excited to test out my new sunbutter. Nut butter from sunflower seeds! I have been seeing it at target for a couple weeks and when I finally decided to try it, they were out! Luckily the errand store today carried it. It's pretty good! Not as good as PB, but a nice change of pace. 

After a spoonful, I continued testing it out on a vitatop banana nut muffin top. I also added some nutella of course. 

Even though my nut butter daily craving was settled with the sunbutter, I decided to still go ahead with my planned dinner of french toast. I like to pre-slice my piece before adding syrup. I definitely had plenty of toppings on it! One half had PB and the other had sunbutter, then on the top half I put a little raspberry jam (first time to do this on this kind of food and though good, I don't do it again) and the nutella on the bottom half. I enjoyed it with turkey sausage and morningstar farms "sausage". 

So....I think I am allergic to veggie bacon/sausage. I have no problem with eating veggie burgers. But a couple months ago I tried veggie bacon for the first time. And after eating a couple bites, I noticed the inside of one of my ears and a little part of the back of my throat was getting very itchy. I threw the rest away and was fine. This past weekend at target I bought some veggie sausage and last night, scarfed two pieces down w/ my french toast and then noticed the same itchyness. I took 3 benedryl and didn't die. I don't think I'll be eating veggie breakfast "meat" any more...

Food Journal 
B: smoothie, small bowl oatmeal
S: coffee with coffeemate, iron girl bar
L: everything bagel with whipped cream cheese and raspberry jam, carrots, berries
S: diet coke, pirates booty mixed with a bag of WW cheese pretzel crisps
S: vita top with PB, nutella, sunbutter
D: 1 slice french toast (made w/ soy milk), PB, nutella, SB, syrup, jam, 1 link turkey sausage, 2 pieces veggie sausage. 

weight watchers points plus values: -20, I ate too much nut butter today...but it sure is tasty! 

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