Sunday, June 26, 2011


I can't believe it's been since Tuesday that I've blogged! This week has been crazy for me! Not like crazy busy, just lots of crazy emotions. I honestly got way too caught up in the thought that I'd have to take a 6-month break from running and made all sorts of unhealthy decisions.

I did not run Wednesday, basically because I was scared to. I felt like my food needed some more time to rest before putting lots of pressure on my heel.

Ugh, Wednesday was birthday cake day for all the June birthdays. I was also the continuation of multiple days of over-eating. I cut myself a decent sized piece of cake, but then added a bunch of extra frosting that was left in the box.

I only ate about half of the cake before I started to feel like I'd had enough. I felt like a got my cake fix and had enough bakery sugar for one day. Unfortunately, when I got this feeling, I just set my cake aside instead of trashing the rest. So of course I ended up finishing off the rest during the next hour or so. The weird thing was that I didn't even really want anymore! I ate it not because I actually wanted more but because I know myself and she would want more. Does that make sense? It's like I forgot that I am healthier Kelly and ate more because old Kelly loves cake and could eat multiple pieces! I will also mention that I felt slightly sick from all that sugar for the rest of the afternoon. I didn't even eat an afternoon snack because the cake filled me up! (but not in a good way...) 

For dinner I made some BBQ pork sandwiches, coleslaw and some beans. I pretty much just ate the sandwich with a little 'slaw on it and that was it. 

Food Journal
B: Smoothie 
S: iron girl bar, coffee with coffeemate 
L: 1/2 PBJ, pirate booty, grapes
S: birthday cake (15+ points plus values!)
D: pork sandwich with coleslaw

Thursday was my Dad's birthday! He ordered himself a fancy new camera (nikon p700) a couple weeks ago for his present so just got him 2 blu-ray movies to open on his actual birthday. Disney's Dinosaur and Secretariat. Since we are obsessed with the Disney vacations and the Dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom is after the Dinosaur movie, we felt it was necessary to see the movie. 

Healthy afternoon snack! Much better then bakery cake and honesty I think the vitatop was better because it wasn't so sugary it made my teeth hurt! I've also come to realize that I need carbs. It's just the food type that my body craves more than others. A PB/apple snack is good, but I still feel like something is missing until I add come whole grains. Even a couple crackers or pretzels would prob do the trick, but a vitatop was worth the same weight watchers points plus values ;). 

Since it was dad's actual birthday day, mom and I decided that he could pick what we had for dinner. I knew he'd pick carryout instead of going out to eat, but when I told him the idea, I casually mentioned Hideaway and Fuwa, hoping he'd pick something I love too. He said he was in the mood for fried chicken, meh. Don't get me wrong, it's good, but not my top choice. Of course I had no willpower while at Charlies Chicken (more like even the "healthy" sides were full of fat) and got mashed potatoes and fried corn nuggets. I got fried okra for my mom and gave her part of my corn nuggets so I could steal okra. We watched Dinosaur while we ate, it's super cute! 

My foot stuff arrived! Yay! Monday (or maybe tues?) I freaked out about my foot and went crazy on amazon to order things to make my foot feel better. I bought 

  • Foot rocker omg this thing is amazing! I have very flexible muscles so stretching my calves is difficult, but this makes it very easy! Plus its a little more fun that trying to use a wall
  • Tiger tail I haven't used this very much because I am lazy and haven't had any tight muscles, but from what I've tested it is great. Gives me a much better stretch then a foam roller. 
  • Foot massage ball I had tried to use golf balls to massage my feet earlier in the week, but because they were so small (and hard) it was tough to get them in just right spot. I've been using the porcupine ball every day so far and I love it. Definitely stretches and massages my feet!
  • Lots of shoe insoles. I thought I was saving money by moving insoles between shoes, but obviously saving money=foot trouble. I got 4 different kinds to test them out, all for about $60. Money well spent! Now I just have to run in all of them to see which ones work best in different activities. 

One thing that is known to help plantar fascitis is a night splint. Something you wear on your foot while you sleep that gently keeps your foot flat and slightly flexed. When you sleep, your foot naturally curls, which can cause your plantar fascia to tighten and become painful. This prevents that from happening. Instead of buying a splint, I used my mom's boot walker from when she broke her foot. It is much bulkier than a splint, but free and worked like a charm. I could only sleep in it for a few hours before I got annoyed and took it off, but I had much less foot pain in the morning! 

Food Journal
B: Smoothie
S: nutrigrain bar, coffee with coffeemate
L: 1/2 PBJ, pirate booty, chex mix
S: apple, sun butter, vita top
D: charlie's chicken chunks, mashed potatoes and gravy, fried okra, fried corn nuggets
D: brownie, cookie dough

After dinner, I got to spend a couple hours in the kitchen making cookies and brownies for a bake sale my mom was having at work Friday to raise money for my Team in Training. Let's just say a lot of brownie batter, cookie dough and the finished product were consumed...

My foot felt so good when I woke up I went for a run! I tested out some new insoles and also tried to use the foot bands I had also ordered. They feel so good to wear! Like they are holding my foot together! They don't feel good to run in and I took them off shortly after leaving the house. 

Of course I had a late start and could only go a mile, but it still felt great! Made me feel happy and relieved that I could do my 5 mile group run the next day! 

For lunch, I met my mom for salad bar of course! But I decided to change it up and go with a pre-packaged oriental chicken salad. It was soo good! It had red bell strips, mandarin oranges, crunchy noodle things, chicken and a special dressing. The best part of lunch (besides hanging with my momma) was hearing that the bake sale was going really well! I'd made $30 by 8am! Cookies for breakfast! 

For a snack I enjoyed a diet coke and homemade chex mix that I was also bake-selling. 

I got home from work to find out that my disney package had arrived! I had also ordered my dad a D23 membership for his bday (which takes 3 weeks to ship and am still waiting for) and a cool Walt pin. I got myself a new iphone case and love it! Disney nerd! 

I was in the mood for a healthy dinner and that's just what I made. I was going to grill, but was just too lazy to go outside. I baked some potato fries and corn, steamed some green beans and cooked some shrimp on the stove. Yum. The green beans and potatoes were from the farmer's market they have every other thursday at work. 

Food Journal
B: smoothie
S: iron girl bar
L: oriental salad, 1/2 bag of blue corn chips, 1/2 vitatop
S: chex mix and diet coke
D: BBQ shrimp, green beans, corn, oven fries 

I also must add that on Friday at work I finished HP6 audiobook. So bittersweet! I love that I can now start the 7th book, but 7 is all business with none of the fun light-hearted 11 year old harry. I almost started crying when Dumbledore died and Tonks professed her love for Lupin! While I have read 1-6 of the Harry Potter books multiple times (and listened to them at least twice each), I have only read HP7 once and have never listened to it on audiobook before. I am excited to start it tomorrow at work! 

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