Sunday, June 26, 2011

peace parmesean

I was looking forward to the group run Saturday after my run on Friday with no heel pain. Problem is that we meet at 6am now at a park like 15 minutes from my house. I don't like leaving my house before 6am. It just feels weird. 

My run went well, though I got confused and turned around early. It's amazing how just a week off from running can affect your lungs so much! Or at least it felt that way! I had to take a lot of walk breaks...

When I got home I made a smoothie and decided to try our some PB jar oats since I scraped bottom making my PB waffle before my run. 

It was a bust. I decided to add some almond milk to make it mix with the PB better and then remembered I hate soupy oatmeal. I also decided to make it chocolaty with cocoa powder but added too much. What a waste! 

To make myself feel better about my oatmeal disaster I went a tented to my garden. I couldn't resist and had to pull of the rest of the beets and some carrots! Gorgeous! I also had to pull up and throw away all my cauliflower, it was starting to have an awful lot of green worms...

For lunch I decided to try my hand at making another veggie burger from my new favorite cookbook. Good thing I also wanted mac and cheese with it, because the burger was a bust. It just needed way more seasoning or something, it was pretty bland. 

The rest of my Saturday was spent grocery shopping and doing other stuff that apparently took up a lot hours of my day, but I honestly cannot remember what I did! 

For dinner I made a frozen buitoni pasta, this time with goat cheese ravioli. It was good, but basically 3 points per noodle. I made my plate more colorful with a salad and homemade roasted veggie medley. Green beans, potatoes, beats, carrots, zucchini all tossed with Mrs. Dash and EVOO. 

While I did who knows what, my dad made Tinker a window perch! I always felt bad for her because he has to lay on the skinny window sill, so this way she can stretch out a bit more while watching the dogs and stalking birds and squirrels. When I first put her on it, she wouldn't lay down, but when I got back from the grocery store, she was laying on it and has spent many hours since then! It is her new favorite place! 

Food Journal
B: smoothie, couple bites PB oats
L: 1/2 bean burger with hummus and cream cheese, mac and cheese 
S: baked ruffles and dip made out of plain greek yogurt and ranch dip mix, WW PB bar
D: roasted veggies, mac and cheese, pasta, salad
D: WW sundae 

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