Wednesday, June 8, 2011

neti pots really work

Although I had planned on doing 3 miles this morning, time constraints let me do less than a mile and a half. It still felt good to get the muscles hot and stretch my legs, esp. since they were kind of tight from the 983,349 squats and lunges I did last night at physical therapy. 

Sam watched me extra close while I got ready this morning. I like how the camera flash makes dogs blink too. 

I decided to not use protein powder in my smoothie this morning and test this puppy out. Of course 2 seconds after I poured it in the blender I remembered I wanted to give dairy a break for a couple of days. I added flax meal, wheat germ, chia seeds, spinach, a banana and unsweetened almond milk and water. It was actually quite good, though I think the fruit is sweetened because it reminded me of Naked Juice. Delicious, but sometimes too sweet. 

I got to work 15 minutes late, coffee in hand and stuff on my desk. I could tell the lady who had been on medical leave was back. She left her recycle/shredder trashcan half full, her cup on the desk and the chair out and backwards (I am a chair tucker-inner). Awesome. But then I noticed that there was a key in one of the drawer locks! I finally got a drawer! I excitedly sat down and dreamed about how I could organize my own personal space at work. Then I open the drawer and find this. There was even an open Ramen seasoning packet in there somewhere. 

Of course I was not the least bit surprised. Considering that when I first moved to this desk, I got to look at these bad boys all day. There was also 3 boxes under my desk. 1 empty and 2 half full of crap. Paperclips, salt packets, plastic forks, hole punchers. A couple days ago I got fed up and combined all the crap into one box and got rid of the others. I'm tall and need the leg room! 

After cleaning out my new drawers and then wiping down the whole desk and sweeping the floor, I was hungry for a snack. 

My PB sandwich was even more amazing than usual because I put sliced strawberries on it instead of jam. Best decision ever. Healthier too! 

I ate my lunch rather quickly, then decided to walk the airbridge for the rest of my lunch break. It was an excellent decision and I also spent about 10 minutes in the bathroom stretching my legs. I listened to Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? by Peter Walsh while walking/stretching and daydreamed about all the stuff I was going to get rid of when I got home (or this weekend). I already have a pretty impressive pile of crap next to my bed. 

Since I've stopped eating greek yogurt for a little while, pretzels and hummus are my new snacktime obsession. Sabra hummus is the best hummus in the world. I can not eat any other brand. They all pale in comparison. Today I enjoyed spinach and artichoke flavor. 

When I got home from work I celebrated the fact that I had a lot of points plus values left for the day by having a strawberry cupcake. Shortly after I busted out some cheese and crackers to enjoy while I put away the dishes. I love laughing cow cheese though this moz and sun dried tomato flavor is not my fave. 

I kept dinner low-key with a cereal mix. I tested out some new raisin nut bran I got for my dad. We had a coupon and had to buy a general mills cereal which is why we didn't get regular raisin bran. This cereal is good, but very sweet. It's like the bran flakes are even sweetened. I mixed it with cheerios so I didn't feel like I was eating a bowl of sugared cereal. 

Topped with silk of course! 

When it was starting to lose its crunch, I topped it with currants and chia seeds. The revival did not work and I soon was done. 

I like stuff 
In sharp ironic contrast to my desire to declutter my life, 3 packages arrived for me today! 

The book that arrived was about being vegan. While listening to the Veganist yesterday, I was reminded of how much better I feel when I lay off the meat and dairy. When I first moved to Kansas City last fall for school, I actually did a pretty good job of being vegan. It's super easy to do when you live alone and spend most of your time studying alone in your apartment. But once I made friends, it got tougher. Esp when most of those friends were not healthy eaters and I am a sucker for peer pressure. Who wants a salad when you always have someone who is happy to eat biscuits and gravy or KC BBQ with you? But during this time I was surprised how easy it was to not eat certain foods that I thought I couldn't live without. Although I still don't think I will ever be 100% vegan. I do try to make more conscious food choices about what goes into my body. If I eat meat, or cheese, or eggs, etc, it's because I want it, not because that is just what's being served. 

Listening to the Veganist also brought out the hippie in me and I decided to purchase some resueable produce bags! I always bring my own grocery bags to the store, but still have to use the produce bags at the store. I try to use less of them, but when you're getting wet lettuce or dirty onions, they need a bag. Now I can use my own! Excited to test them out this weekened! 

I was also excited that my amphipod bottles arrived! I ordered them on Saturday and was excited they made it! The only problem is that I can't decide which kind to test out tomorrow morning! 

My sinuses have been feeling so clogged lately. I feel like I am always trying to de-booger. Neti pot time! This baby works! I love how open my nose feels after I use it, like I am wearing one of those sticker things with the metal that snorers use. Yes that stream of water is coming out my nose. I think there is also a stream of spit coming out of my mouth since you have to keep your mouth open while doing it and you can't swallow the spit that collects while neti-ing. 

I enjoyed my clear sinuses and went out to pick some banana peppers from the garden. There is also a ton of kale growing and am thinking of making some kale pesto tomorrow and somehow incorporating these peppers into my pasta meal. Or maybe save them for shrimp grilling Friday? 

Andy likes to stare at me creepily while I blog in bed. 

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