Sunday, June 5, 2011

momma's girl

So one thing that I thought was weird about Friday was how tired I was when I woke up! The previous two days I had gotten up at 5:30ish to run before work, but Friday is a rest day so I didn't have to get up until 6:30. My alarm when and I felt like I was a bear awaking from hybernation! I was sooooo groggy. I hit snooze for waayy too long and had to hurry to get ready. So weird.

Every Friday, my mom and I eat lunch in the cafeteria. After, once again, my mom not meeting me in the discussed location, we loaded up our plates from the salad bar for a whopping $3.50 a piece. I even splurged on a whole hard-boiled egg. Yes, have have a bucket of chopped eggs in the salad bar, but they look weird and I want to eat it by itself, not in my salad. I tested out some cheddar baked lays. They were good, but my mom stole more than half of them. The diet coke was also good, but every time I went to take a drink, I got a weird whiff of a weird smell, it seemed to be coming from inside the bottle, though the soda tasted fine. Too lazy to do anything about it, I through half of it away.

For a mid-afternoon much I enjoyed an amazing new product from yoplait. Greek yogurt. Of course, because I ate it by itself and not with a meal, it made my stomach a little achy. I don't know why I eat yogurt. It always makes my stomach achy if I don't eat it with a bunch of other stuff (like lunch). I guess because I always keep hearing about how good it is for you? It's just so creamy and tasty! 

For dinner, we went to Oliveto's in south Tulsa. It was my second time to go there and I was still impressed. I got a small house salad (it had jalapeno bacon!) and a pizza. Last time I went there my mom and I split a margarita pizza, but this time I got red sauce and artichoke and sun dried tomatoes. It was OK, but I won't be eating the leftovers. The tomato sauce was weird and at first I thought they they accidentally gave me BBQ pizza sauce. I would stick to a dif sauce next time....

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