Thursday, June 2, 2011

memorial day aka wafflewich day

I started off memorial day in the best way, with a run! Well, first I had a small bowl of oatmeal, then a run =). 

Unfortunately it was wicked humid and I felt sluggish the whole time. I felt like I was dying myself and would have kicked myself for not bringing water b/c last time I ran I felt the same way, but my legs were too tired. 

When I got back from my run, I enjoyed one of my most favorite snacks in the history of the world. 

My trusty shoes. Though they look old, they are not. I got them around Christmas, but basically didn't run in them until late March. They are dirty because of a ridiculous dog incident that occured after a couple rainy days. 

I love leftover hideaway for "weekend" lunches. It's even better dipped in ranch and red sauce. 

I also made some ham pinwheels. They were good, but not a yum as ones that other people at work make...

These bars are seriously amazing. They taste like crumb cake muffins, but aren't 1,500 calories a piece. 

Though out of the wrapper, it reminds me of a bacterial culture from a petri dish...

I may have had a second wafflewich....

But I ate salad for dinner to cancel it out. This salad was enjoyed while taking a break from the 10 billion Team in Training fundraising letters I had to put together. 

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