Sunday, June 12, 2011

long runs and clutter clearing

I'm not gonna lie, I was so nervous for my "long" group run on Saturday. For me right now, 4 miles is a long way and since I had run much less than two miles for the past two running days, I did not feel I would be doing well. But I did better than I thought I would! I was able to carry my hand held water bottle and staying hydrated definitely helped. I also stored 1 shot blok in the pouch of the water bottle. I may not have needed the shot blok, but I definitely enjoyed it! 

After my run, I chatted with some team members for almost an hour! We talked about all sorts of things and it was very enjoyable. One of the marathon coaches, Angie, she has been doing a bake-sale type thing for years, so it was nice to pick apart her brain for ideas for my bake sale. I also chatted with some other girls and we decided on a group garage sale date! So excited! I also scoped out the TNT food stash and tested out a poweraide gel at the park, then took home some poweraide gummies and two kinds of energy bar. TNT is sponsered by poweraide, so we get free stuff. The gummies aren't as good as shot bloks, but they're not bad. 

My fav post run waffle and PB! We were out of nutella, so I had to get by with strawberry jam. I enjoyed it with a smoothie. Gotta get that protein within an hour of a run! Or 30 minutes if it's a long run. 

I actually enjoy gardening when I get back from running. I'm already sweaty and feeling gross so getting dirty in the sun doesn't bother me. It's getting kinda hot outside for lettuce so I picked a couple whole plants. 

Lunch was some random chicken and pasta salad my mom threw together. I have definitely been eating a lot more salads that I used to. Partly because I like them and know they're good for me, but partly because The Hungry Runner Girl always talks about her delicious salads and they make me crave one! 

The chicken/pasta salad definitely didn't fill me up very well and I snacked throughout the afternoon. 

And might have had an afternoon dessert. It's a weight watcher's smart ones mint choc chip sundae. It tasted good but looks pretty gross! 

For dinner we tested out this Buitoni frozen thing. I was surprised at how good it is. The only problem is that each serving was 15 points plus values!! There were 6 cannelloni rolls per box w/ 3 being a serving. What a ridic amount of food. I just ate one and was satisfied on 5 points. 

So many calories in a serving! 

I was shocked at how delicious it was. We bought another flavor today at target for later this week we were so impressed. 

My favorite thing to do on a saturday is visit OrangeLeaf. In addition to my usual confetti cake, choc and vanilla, I tested out choc caramel and cookies 'n' cream. Both yum!  I added some almond slivers for nutrition. 

I like the new spoons. They're like little shovels, so shoveling the fro-yo into your mouth is that much easier! 

Between eating all that food, I spent most of the day cleaning and watching 30 rock. I cleaned out my closet. It's funny because when all of my clothes were actually in my closet I couldnt find any to part with. But when I took them all out and put them on my bed and went through them one by one, I got rid of about 1/3 of my stuff. Mostly "perfectly good shirts" that I like but never wear for whatever reason. I also went though all of my art supplies and got  all of it to fit in the two plastic drawer dressers in my closet! Success! This is all of the stuff I'm g-saleing!! The boxes on the right on the floor are empty and the plastic tubs in the front are sewing stuff I'm keeping (used to be under my bed, but not anymore...) But everything on and under the table is going! The sad thing is that if a stranger came into my room, I don't think they would be able to tell I got rid of that much stuff. Since we have 4 weeks until our sale date, I am hoping to go through all of my stuff one or two more times. It's amazing how much stuff you keep, but on a second pass are totally ready to get rid of. 

Side note about me, I tend to lose swiffers while cleaning. I can't find the one I'm using and go get another one. I had to go get 4.  

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