Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm a goober

After my super duper awesome run yesterday, I was ready for a good run this morning! My alarm went of at 5:15 and I was actually ready to get out of bed and gear up! Then I heard the rain...I checked the weather on my phone and reset my alarm for 6:45. I even had my gear all laid out the night before and everything! Of course, while I was in the shower, I realized that just because it was raining and couldn't run outside didn't mean I couldn't have done a workout video! Or at least some strength movies. And then later at work I almost smacked my forehead with a duh! I could have ran on the TREADMILL! Sometimes I forget we have one....oh well, next time I will remember! 

Sam happily watched me get ready. He is always smiling! 

I don't know what happened today, but I was utterly exhausted all day long. I wasn't feeling too sleepy when I got to work, but I was feeling allergy-ish, so I took two benedryl. I have never in my life felt sleepy from it, but there's a first time for everything! Around 10am I took a 5 hour energy. I have had one leftover one from grad school for months and now it's finally gone! But it didn't work. It backfired and around noon I had to go to lunch so I could nap! I ate my half sunbutter and jam sandwich and then laid my seat back and tried to sleep. It was then I realized it might have been the benedryl making me sleepy. I had to get another diet coke today from the caf, but it didn't wake me up very much. I hate feeling sleepy! 

When I got home from work, I made PB and nutella wafflewich. I really need to fall off this nut butter bandwagon. I can't keep spending this many points plus values every day on nut butter! But it sure tasted good...

For dinner, mom put beans in the crock pot. When I got home, I remembered that I wanted to eat the swiss chard from the garden sometime soon. 

I picked the chard, some peppers ( hello dinner!) and half the lettuce for later. 

While at work I found a recipe for sauteed swiss chard with onions  on epicurious and decided to make that. I love sauteing onions!

I removed the stems from most of the leaves, but left them on the tiny ones. So colorful! 

Rolled up the leaves and thinly sliced. 

Season with EVOO, salt and pepper and saute 10 minutes. It was sooo good! I was surprised how tender the leaves became. I need to plant way more greens next year, kale and chard. So easy to grow, so good for you and so tasty! 

I also decided to cook up some banana peppers from the garden. 

Whole wheat penne topped with the sauteed chard and peppers and then I drained some beans and added that too. EVOO, parmesan, lemon. Delish! 

For some reason I felt like a foodie while eating this. Beans and pasta is not a traditional combo, but is one that I love regardless. 

After I gave it a good mix, I realized how much food I had plated! I ate about half an am excited to eat the rest for lunch tomorrow! It was soo good! 

My new running belt came! I ordered one from Amphipod and it is much more what I am looking fore. It zips on the top so it'll be easier to put my iphone it and out when running. And because the elastic band is much wider, the water bottles won't jiggle around everywhere. I'm ready to test it out in the morning! 

Food Journal
B: smoothie
S: coffee with coffeemate, nutrigrain bar
L: 1/2 sunbutter and jam, pirate booty, carrots
S: pretzels with hummus, watermelon
S: 2 waffles with PB and nutella
D: wheat penne with beans, chard, peppers, evoo, lemon, parmesan 


  1. PB and nutella wafflewich?! That sounds like heaven!

  2. OMG it is! It might be best for you to never taste one so you don't become an addict like me! But they sure are good, esp after a run when you're craving fatty protein!


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