Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I like frosting

Tuesdays are supposed to be a cross-train/rest day on my TNT half marathon training schedule. Since I had physical therapy for me knee at 5:30 pm, I didn't want to do any leg exercises and decided I'd do an arm and/or ab video this morning. My alarm went off and I definitely could not get my lazy butt out of bed at the necessary time. I think I will break the rules in the future and just do a super short run (like 1 or 2 miles) on cross-training day and follow that with a strength or yoga workout. I am ready for my knee to be able to handle weight bearing, bending motions, because I really want to do my Yogalosophy dvd! It's awesome, though too bad Jen Aniston isn't in it more. 

This morning I decided to change it up and add some garden fresh kale to my smoothie. After cutting off the stems, I added all of it! 

I added a weight watchers smoothie packet instead of protein powder and was not impressed. Jillian Michaels vanilla is still my fave so far. I also added flax meal, wheat germ and chia seeds. 

I still have some frozen strawberry yogurt leftover from last weekend. I used it instead of frozen strawberries. 

It was a coffee kind of morning. 

The kale made it extra green! 

For lunch, I had a half PBJ, cheese stick, carrots and some pretzel cheese twists. I only ate about half of the pretzel twists. They just tasted so packaged and processed. Like they were full of unpronounceable ingredients. After eating my cheese stick, I suddenly remembered reading in one of my vegan books that lots of dairy can lead to stuffy sinuses and allergy-like symptoms. I have noticed that in the past 6 weeks or so, my nose has seemed even more stuffy than usual. I also noticed that I have been eating more dairy than I used to. Trying to get that fat-free/lofat healthy animal protein in my body because it's good for me, I have been eating lots of greek yogurt and cheese sticks. I think I will take a dairy break for a week or so and see what happens. 

I ended up leaving work early today. I noticed my manager leave earlier than usual for her evening class and I just couldn't handle it anymore. I had had a small headache for a couple hours and people had been talking more than usual and I was just disliking the environment. I headed home, laid down for 30 minutes and then went to physical therapy. Whoa-nelly that dude kicks my quads! I am always jealous of people who go to PT in normal clothes. I always leave sweaty from doing 30 minutes of hard-core leg exercises. But it felt nice to get the burn. Plus I know I wouldn't have pushed myself that hard at home. 5 minutes of double leg and 3 minutes of single leg (per leg) on a reclining machine would not have happened if I hadn't been watched. I was feeling the burn! 

Luckily mom had started dinner when I got home, pork chops and cabbage. Cooked in a pan on the grill! Genius! Otherwise the kitchen gets so hot in the summer. To make up for dinner not heating up the kitchen, I turned on the oven for strawberry cupcakes. I found a Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake recipe earlier while at work and was excited to test it out. Yes, it's a vegan recipe, but I urge you to try it anyway. Though the batter may taste a little dif, once they're baked you truly won't notice the difference! I used half white and half wheat flour.  

Apple cider vinegar making "buttermilk" soymilk. Notice the curdles. Yum. 

Fresh strawberries ready to be folded in. 

Burned my fingers eating and taking this picture. Worth it. 

Frosting! So it wasn't until after I was done I realized I used twice the amount of shortening and margarine. No wonder I had to add so much powder sugar and yet it was still kinda runny and not fluffy. Don't worry, it still tasted amazing and plenty of it was consumed while trying to get the perfect consistancy. Which didn't happen, I was tired of adding more powdered sugar and just frosted the darn things! 

All fresh ingredients and real sugar! No artificial junk in there! 

I'm craving another one already! Maybe for breakfast =)

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