Saturday, June 11, 2011

I broke the bed...not in a fun way

So Wednesday night was quite eventful for me after I finished my blog post.  I realized it was getting quite late and was ready to hit the hay. As I was laying down, I noticed the cabinet where I keep all the cat stuff was open, I had fed Tinker. I crawled down to the foot of the bed to lean over to close it and CRASH! One of my bed risers broke! The well of my bed frame went right through the support platform of the riser! I was sooo freaked out and mad. I have a bunch of crap under my bed that I had to remove and then I had to somehow take out all of the other risers from the bed. I had to do all this quietly because it was about 11pm and my parents were already sound asleep. It was a nightmare! 

Here is a bunch of crap piled in the corner that came from under my bed. 

Risers removed. It's not difficult for me to move my bed by myself (it's a queen), it's just a hassle. And because I had all of that crap stashed between my bed and the wall, it made moving it all the much more difficult. 

Not gonna lie, I had a mini freak-out that the bed broke because I was too fat. Then I had some common sense hit me and realized beds are made to hold TWO people so unless I weighed 300+ pounds, I could not break it. I guess the risers just get warn out after a while? 

The "good" news was that I actually like my bed not on risers. Though the extra storage is handy, the bed always feels a little rickety. Plus since Sam sleeps on my bed at night with me, it kind of jiggles on the risers when he hops on. Though I could just buy new risers, not being able to store stuff under my bed is a hidden blessing. It is forcing me to go though my stuff and purge. I've heard that feng shui suggests keeping under your bed clear because stuff underneath will block your energy flow. We'll see! 

Because I stayed up so late fixing my bed Wednesday night, I did not go for a run Thursday morning. After I finished my smoothie, I noticed I had been spending too much time blog-reading and needed to head to work. I grab my stuff, get to my car...and there is a smashed egg on the windshield! Ugh! Just what I needed! I tried to clean it with some wipes I had in the car, but dried raw egg is like glue. I had to go back inside and get serious cleaning supplies. I ended up not getting to work until almost 9am! It was just such a poopy thing to happen the morning after my bed breaking and on a day when I did not get to run. Luckily, I had plans to meet with my mom for lunch, so that cheered me up a lot.

Every other Thursday (on hospital payday) there is a farmers market in the parking garage! My mom and I decided to test it out and see what they had. It was great! There were about 3 booths with veggies, one with meat and then one with eggs. We bought some radishes and then some green beans and zucchini and squash to have with dinner on Friday. The only problem with farmer's markets is that I have a tough problem picking which booth to buy from! 

After our successful veg purchase, we took advantage of the amazing salad bar. I also got a hummus cup to enjoy with some pretzels. 

For snacktime, I decided to go all out and have a WW oatmeal and a sliced apple. Excellent choice if I do say so myself. Though I could taste the artificial sweetener in the oatmeal, it hit the spot and did a good job of keeping me full. 

Of course I enjoyed a strawberry cupcake when I got home from work. 

For dinner I kind of made a pasta variety. I had a tiny spaghetti squash that needed to be cooked, so I served it with red sauce. 

While the spag squash baked for 45 minutes, I enjoyed a laughing cow. 

When my mom found out we were having pasta for dinner, she insisted on stopping at Farrell's Bakery on the way home. I insisted she also pick up some jalapeno cheese biscuits. 

I enjoyed mine with raspberry jam and some butter. 

The other pasta variety I made was fridge spaghetti (the kind you buy in the cold section in a package that cooks for like 3 minutes) with homemade kale pesto! I had never made kale pesto before but am always up for something new. Garden fresh kale! 

The pesto was supposed to have walnuts in it, but I noticed they were rancid, so I had to make do without. I added some basil and extra parm to make up for it. Still delish. Homemade pesto is so amazing. 

Rainbow plate! All it needs is blue/purple. 

While I was picking kale for pesto, I took some photos of my garden. I love how much in bloom everything is! The green leaves with pink stems are rainbow chard. 

I with Sam would learn to lay on his side of the bed right from the get-go! I hate telling him to move! 

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