Thursday, June 2, 2011

house hunters international (thursday)

Is it just me or is the idea of a vacation home in another country totally ridiculous? I don't mean that I wouldn't love one if I was rich and/or if someone was buying one for me and paying for all the upkeep. But I mean these normal couples who have an extra quarter million to buy a house in Panama. Isn't flying back and forth 12 times a year kinda expensive? Isn't paying for utilities in two houses a bit much? Mostly I am just jealous and hope that one day I will have enough income that I can buy my own and scoff at my own words =).

Anyway.... I started off today with another fun and enjoyed it. I decided to not wear headphones. Since I wear earbuds and listen to audiobooks all day, it was nice to enjoy the silence. I wanted to go for at least 30 minutes, but I messed around on the computer for too long after I woke up (darn you Facebook!) and had only 20 minutes to run. I ran a majority of the time and one again, was surprised how much I enjoyed it and how awake I felt. I carried water with me this time b/c I felt so dehydrated the last couple runs I did. I hate carrying a sloshing bottle, but it sure felt good to have a drink!

For breakfast I had a yum smoothie and decided to try one of these frozen things along with it.

It wasn't bad, but wasn't particularly good either. It just tasted like freezer breakfast food. I won't buy them again. 820,305th time to learn the same lesson. Don't go grocery shopping if you're hungry. Always bring a snack with you just in case. 

After an Iron Girl cocoa bar for a mid-morning snack, lunch was pasta with veggies. It totally hit the spot, though I decided to run some errands during lunch and it was not a good meal to eat while driving! 

I bought this for a treat in the check-out line at walmart. Love them! 

Yesterday evening I watched one of Bobby Flay's shows called Grill It! He made some fancy hot dogs and he had me craving them all yesterday evening and today! He made three different kinds. Brooklyn's Corniest Hot Dog, Nacho Dog, New York Street Car Dog. Mom thought the Nacho Dog sounded the best, so I made that but with the carmelized onions and corn from the Corniest dog to go along with it. I ended up making carmelized onions, carmelized corn, pico and guac. I also made some sweet potato fries to go along side. 

Ready to grill

Carmelizing away!  
I love carmelized onions sooo much! 

I picked some onions from the garden while the dogs were grillin'  (these were not the carmelized onions) 

Grilled sweet potato fries 

Finished product. 
This was literally the best hot dog I have ever had in my life. I didn't think guac and pico on a hot dog would be good but I was pleasantly surprised. It all went so well together. And the best part was that when I was calculating the Weight Watchers Points Plus Values for my dinner, the toppings were almost no points! 1/4 of an avocado was 2 PPV's and then the EVOO that I cooked the onions and corn were 1 PPV each, but the rest was veggies! I had an angus beef hot dog instead of a turkey dog. 5 PPV vs. 1 PPV. Totally worth it. 

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