Monday, June 20, 2011

golf ball massager

I woke up this morning very conservatively. I was hoping I could run, but knew that if my heel still hurt in the morning, rest was the best option. It still hurt, so I slept in. I was beyond sad when I woke up with my heel still sore. I honestly don't know what to do, go back to the doctor I guess?  I fished around in the backyard shed and pulled out some golfballs to roll on my foot during the 8 hours I sit on my ass at work. It actually helped. Lots of stretching and massaging is very helpful! I rollered my foot while having my breakfast smoothie, then did it some more at work. Too bad golf balls are tough to balance under the side of your foot. Don't worry, I ordered some stuff from amazon to help with the stretching and rollering. 

Lunch was a bean burger from yesterday with a sandwich thin, pesto and laughing cow cheese. I love eating lunch in my car. So peaceful. And warm. It's a nice break from my -10 degree desk. Speaking of which I bought a new blanket for work! I found a cute blue fleece in the dollar bin at target. Ok, it was $2.50. But it is thicker and twice as big as the lap blanket I have at work now. I definitely made a difference today! My legs were much warmer than usual! 

I was totally stuffed after just the bean burger, but made myself eat the berries I brought too. Mistake. They made me super full. Yep, a bean burger and berries stuffed me up. I like this healthy eating thing. 

Luckily, lunch didn't keep me full for too long and I enjoyed an apple, sunbutter and vitatop for an afternoon snack around 3. The muffin was the magic touch. Usually my afternoon snacks fill me up at the time but shortly after I am hungry again. But with the muffin, I was full until dinner! Yes! 

For dinner, I made some chicken tacos for the folks and stuck to bean tacos for me. 

I rounded off the day's food with a microwave s'more. 

So I read online that you can ice your heel if you have plantar faciatis, but I think that was a mistake. I just took the ice off my foot and it feels stiffer and more painful than it had during the day. I guess now it's time for serious foot stretching before bed, I really want to go for a run in the morning! 

Food Journal
B: smoothie
S: iron girl bar, 1/2 kind bar (almond and coconut)
pre-lunch: hard boiled egg
L: bean burger, sandwich thin, pesto, laughing cow, berries
S: apple, sunbutter, vitatop
S: homemade iced coffee with silk, sugar, caramel syrup and instant coffee
D: bean tacos with salsa and lettuce, s'more and brownie bite for dessert

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