Friday, June 17, 2011

fried shrimp and fro yo with sprinkles

Last night I was really excited to get up and run this morning. I actually think I had a little trouble falling asleep because I was ready to pop out of bed when my alarm went off. Fast forward 7 hours later and I did! Granted I had to first feed then dogs and then let them in and out about 381 times and then have a small bowl of cereal for myself (cheerios and silk) before finally getting into my running gear. Even though I got up at 5:15, I didn't head out the door until 6, which was still plenty of time for the 3 miles I wanted to do. 

I am proud of my pace this morning. I know that for most people it is nothing impressive, but it is for me. This is one lesson I am learning as I run, not to compare myself with other runners, but to compare myself to nothing but myself. A couple weeks ago I had to take enough walk breaks that it took me 16+ minutes to get through a mile. I took hardly any walk breaks today and noticed that I was not huffing and puffing during my run. I was actually breathing quite comfortably throughout the whole thing. Hello heart health! 

For a mid-morning munch, I had an iron girl bar. I feel like I keep talking about these, but I am obsessed, they are so good! 

It seems so weird to me but today, when I got up at practically 5 in the morning and ran 3 miles, I was more awake and had much more energy than on the days when I sleep in an extra hour or two. This seems almost ridiculous to me, but is a fact. It makes me want to keep doing early morning runs! I didn't even need/want coffee this morning, I enjoyed a decaf fruit tea. I got me nice and warm in my cold office and tasted yum. I don't recognize the brand, I think I stole this from a hotel somewhere? 

A little before I was supposed to meet my mom for lunch, I was feeling hungry and used almonds to tide me over. Keeping plain almonds at work was the best decision ever. They are perfect when I feel a little hungry but it is not a good time for meal/snack. 

I decided not to have the salad bar when I met my mom for lunch today since I brought my leftovers from last night. Pasta with beans, swiss chard, peppers, evoo. It hit the spot! But I did spot these chips and had to get some! I love FSTG chips! They always taste so fresh. I will def be buying more of these in my future! 

Even though I know yogurt doesn't make my tummy feel calm, I bought some weeks ago that I felt like I needed to eat. I had a lemon greek yogurt and actually it made my stomach hurt less than usual. I feel so dumb even writing that, maybe I should just toss them? 

A little bit later I busted out my apple and sunbutter snack. I could have been made even better with pretzels or crackers to dip into the leftover SB after my apple was gone. 

After lunch I made a weird decision to go to whole foods. They have small reuseable shopping bags and I have wanted one for a long time. They are perfect size for lunches, snacks and cups. Of course they didn't have any and haven't been in stock for weeks. Oh well, I bought some pirates booty and smart puffs to snack on on the way home. I love these smart puffs, I had never had them before, they taste like white cheddar cheetos but better 

I also decided to test out a new kind bar I had never tried before, almond and coconut. It was pretty tasty! 

Earlier this week, we told my dad he could pick out a restaurant for this weekend's father's day dinner and we could go whenever he wanted. He picked red lobster for tonight. I hadn't been to red lobster in forever but after a too-long wait for friday at 6pm, the cheddar bay biscuits were just as good as I remembered. I got my dressing on the side for my salad and a huge plate of fried goodies. I had decided earlier that I was just plain not going to count weight watchers points plus values for this meal. Sometimes you just want/need something totally unhealthy! I has fried shrimp and coconut shrimp bites. 

On the way home, we all got a hankering for some orange leaf. I piled my bowl high (choc, vanilla, confetti cake, brownie batter, peanut butter) and was excited to dig in but could only eat about 1/3 of it before I was just too full to continue. Even right this minute I still feel too full from this huge dinner and dessert. I have heard that this is the idea behind "cheat" days on diets. On those days you eat junk and then feel like shit because you're not used to eating that crap and then it makes you want to go back to smoothies and salads. Works like a charm for me apparently! I have a 6am (!!) group run tomorrow, I hope my tummy feels better by then! I want to get those 4 miles in! 

Food Journal 
700 B: smoothie
930 S: iron girl bar, apple and cranberry tea
1130 L: almonds, leftover pasta, beans, chard, peppers, evoo,
200 S: lemon yogurt, carrots
315 S: apple and sun butter
500 S: smart puffs and 1/2 kind bar (darn whole foods impulse purchases!)
700 D: fried shrimp, coconut shrimp, fries, cheese biscuits, cesar salad, small amount of orange leaf

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