Wednesday, June 1, 2011

first early morning run

Today was my first early morning run! The plan was to get up at 5:45, but my mom's coffee maker/bean grinder whirled on at 5:20 and then the dogs got riled up and then the cat barfed on my carpet, blah, blah, blah. I was out the door at 5:50 and surprisingly felt much more awake then I would have thought I would be.  It was soooo humid, I felt like I was swimming through maple syrup. I didn't bring any water (I was just going to go 2 miles) but after about a mile, I was soo thirsty I cut my run short. Yesterday, I went to physical therapy for my knee so my legs were also a little tired from doing 5 minutes of 70% body weight squats on a pilates type machine.

I think I am still surprised how much I enjoyed it. I thought I would hate getting up so early and feel exhausted but I actually feel more awake than usual. Who knew?

p.s. I think it's safe to say I now know how smoothies go wrong when you add too much xantham gum. It's like a weird jelly fluff. Still devoured it, but probably won't add any gum tomorrow...

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