Monday, June 6, 2011

down with love

Morning run went well. I wanted to run a full 2.5 and basically did so! There was a time when I was halfway done that I wanted to quit early and head home, but I kept at it and am glad I did. Hopefully on Wednesday I will be able to finish my run early enough to still have time to walk the dogs in the morning. 

Smoothie breakfast. I tested out some new protein powder. Usually I buy jillian michaels brand for choc and vanilla, but yesterday decided to get target's brand of vanilla. I'm not sure I like it as much. Around 10 I had a iron girl bar. I wasn't that hungry, but it was more of a preventative measure I could last until noon for lunch. 

Lunch was a PBJ, carrots and grapes. I ment to have a greek yogurt, but the PBJ filled me up too much. I was then going to have my greek yogurt for a snack later, but I started listening to the Veganist in the afternoon and realized how stupid it was of me to eat something that doesn't sit well in my stomach because I think I am supposed to. Plus I had a diet coke in the afternoon and my stomach was already not feeling well from that. So I enjoyed an applesauce, some almonds and my remaining carrots. And a cheese stick. 

After work I stopped by the store to get some natural popcorn and new salad dressing. The starbucks kiosk inside was having a happy hour and I couldn't resist. 

After enjoying a hummus and pretzel snack when I got home, I made lettuce cups again for dinner. I topped them with plain broccoli slaw. Perfect summer dinner! 

These are the fruites I got at my WW meeting yesterday that are basically sweedish fish. They aren't bad, but too many makes my stomach hurt. 

After dinner I went outside to water my garden and be impressed with myself for the awesome veggies I've grown! 

Banana peppers. Gotta make something with them soon! Each of the 4 plants has 2 or 3 full size ones! 

Butternut squash vine. I'm very excited for little squashes this fall! 

Ridic zucchini. I have to keep breaking off leaves b/c they're shading my tiny orange bell plant. 

More beets! 

Swiss chard. Good thing I like greens. 


Out of all these plants, the only thing I actually planted is the basil in the back right. The other two basil plants and all the merigolds sprouted themselves from last year. 

After my garden enjoyment I finished watching Down With Love with my mom. The movie was cute, but honestly I have just lost interest in watching a 2 hour movie regularly. I feel like my time could be better spent doing other things. Esp since I am a terrible multi-tasker, I know I couldn't get much done while watching, 

I enjoyed a WW PB sundae for dessert. 

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