Sunday, June 19, 2011

dogs can have strokes

Yesterday's run was rough. Not like physically rough. Well, it was humid and hot out but I mean mentally and emotionally rough. But I will talk more about this later. 

I was happy that I had a decent pace, considering that I took a lot of walking breaks and even stopped half way for some poweraide. I think one of my favorite parts of the group runs is chatting with everyone afterwards. This seems weird coming from me because usually I hate chit-chat, but it's nice to talk about stuff you're interested in like running and fundraising as opposed to talking about the weather with a complete stranger. 

I got home from my run and found this going on. It reminded me of this family I used to babysit for back in the day and I'd go over there in the morning in the summer and the 6 year old would be laying on the couch on her side eating pancakes. Totally cool except her hair would be in the syrup on her plate. This happened multiple times. 

After a few minutes home, I decided to take all the dogs for a walk. We went for some nice long loops up and down the hills of our neighborhood. Everything was going fine, it was hot, but not too hot and even though I was sweating a lot everyone seemed well. We were at the top of hill and on the way home when a scary thing happened. I was looking around at the dogs, I love to watch them while we walk because they are always so smiley and happy, when I noticed that Penny was walking funny. She usually walks with her head kind of low like she is ready to track a smell, but all of a sudden she was walking with her head really high and legs sticking out straight in front her her, like how our mini schnauzer walks. Very out of character for her. I thought maybe he was her poop bag holder on her collar bothering her. (Since she is the one who poops all over the neighborhood, she can carry her bag holder.) I bent down to take her collar off (she wears a slip leash) when she started doing a weird head tilt and acting kind of dazed and confused as well as other physical symptoms. I immediately scooped her up and we quickly headed home. We were only about 1/4 of a mile from home and once we got home, she was walking and acting totally normal. We decided that she might have had a TIA stroke (transient ischemic attack, aka "mini-stroke", symptoms usually resolve within minutes) that was probably heat induced since it was so hot in the sun and she has double fur! Dog strokes are pretty rare and there is nothing really that the vet can do, so we did not take her in. She is about 12 years old, but I think her breed (blue-heeler mix) can live to be 15+. The only problem is that we are not wary to take her on walks in the sun. She is very upset about this as she loves adventures more than anything. We will probably just stick to super short, just around the block walks to keep her appeased. It was quite an terrifying experience and really helped to put things into perspective in my head about what kind of situations a worth fretting over and which are not. Penny, I love you so much and know our house would never be the same without you! I am so glad you are OK!

After that horrible walk experience I was ready for breakfast! Smoothie and wafflewich! 

Tinkerbell enjoyed my shoes while I blog stalked and ate breakfast. 

Soon she grew tired of my shoes and went back to the window. I promise I am not a bad cat-mom and her food bowl is not always so messy! 

Later was a trip to the grocery where far too much money was spent and I got mucho baking supplies for my team in training fundrasing bake sale I am planning for friday. I also bought some more TNT grapes, aka the best grapes in the history of the world. They always "pop"!

A little later when I went to change my sheets, Tinker was relaxing on my pillow. She got super upset that I made her move. 

Once it was time for dinner, I went to the garden to get some beets to shred for a giant cobb salad! 

I love raw beets and I double super love how colorful and gorgeous they are! 

I also shredded some carrots and just love the color combination of the red beets and orange carrots. Not only do I feel like I am eating lots of healthy vitamins and minerals, but I actually love those colors in general, gorgeous! 

I decorated my cobb salad in rows, but after I finished, I realized I forgot the avocado, so it messed up the pretty rows of toppings. I did a little cabbage, beets, carrots, bacon, beans, HB eggs, sprouts, orange/green bell peppers and sprouts all on top of garden fresh lettuce! With some grapes and cheese and crackers on the side. 

Once I sat down and topped it with ranch and started mixing, I figured there was no way I could eat this huge pile of produce, but boy was I wrong! I ate every little bite! I must be turning in to Hungry Runner Girl and her mad produce eating abilities!

For dessert I enjoyed some angel food cake, which I totally eat by hand, no utensils or plates necessary! 

Food Journal:
prerun: 1/4 cup plain oatmeal
B: smoothie and nutella/PB wafflewich
L: 1/2 veggie burger w/ sprouts, hummus, lettuce and some pirates booty and raspberries
While at target: Iron Girl cocoa bar, brownie bite and pizza sample
S: jalapeno cheese biscuit from local bakery
D: cobb salad, HB egg, bacon, avocado, ranch, cheese and crackers
Dessert: angel food cake, 2 pieces 

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