Sunday, June 12, 2011

5lb goal!

I finally lost my first 5lbs at weight watchers! Wa-hoo! I'm so excited, it's been a tough adjustment for me. I've been in it for 5 weeks, so actually 5lbs is just about perfect timing! 

When my mom and I got back from grocery shopping at Target, I enjoyed a veggie burger hummus, lettuce, sprouts and some veggie booty and the best grapes in the history of the world. I was kinda in a rush though because I had my WW meeting, so I only ate half of my burger and my mom finished the rest. 

So fluffy and cheesy! I haven't bought it in a while and still enjoy it. 

The only reason I tested out these grapes at the store was because of the brightly colored packaging. I was instantly in love with their crispness and bought the whole bag. I hope they have this same kind next week! 

We bought a lot of stuff from the $1 section, including a flamingo for my garden! Hello summer! 

I tested out a new La Croix flavor, coconut. It taste the way coconut scented stuff smells. Jury's still out. 

My first 5lb sticker! Yes! I think part of the reason I've been losing is because of my running. The 4 miles I did yesterday morning burned more than 500 calories! It definitely inspires me to put a little more effort into getting my full miles in each day. 

The topic of this weeks weight watchers meeting was estimating/guestimating points plus values. I did learn that the tip of your finger is about 1 tsp and the tip of your thumb is about a tbsp. Cool! 

After my meeting I gave the two black dogs a bath on the patio. Can you spot all of the dog hair? I'll give you a hint, it's ALOT!

While at Target, my mom and I got suckered into buying s'more friendly marshmallows. My dad made fun of us, but I'll tell you what, they were delicious and an excellent dog-bathing reward for myself! 

They were just flat marshmallows, but I love the idea! 

For dinner, I made my parents some baked salmon with mustard and herbs from the garden. Oregano, dill, sage. 

I'm not a big frozen, farm fish fan so I had a leftover canneloni from saturday.  

I was craving ice cream for dessert, but didn't have any more good flavors of frozen weight watchers smart one's sundaes and was too lazy for a smoothie bowl, so I made some Smoothie Cookies.  I only ate  one, but it hit the dessert spot. 

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