Tuesday, May 17, 2011

TNT: kickoff party!

On Thursday of last week, we had our kick-off party for the fall 2011 TNT Tulsa group! It was a blast! We met at Marley's Pizzaria at 71st and Sheridan. In the emails, Mandy (our coordinator) kept telling us to bring friends and family. I brought my momma and was the only person to bring someone! LOL! It was the first time for us to eat there and all the food was amazing! We tried to get ahold of ourself while munching on fried mushrooms and waiting for everyone else to arrive but they were soo crispy and addictive! It was nice to meet many of the other group members in a fun setting. After enjoying a delicious slice of veggie pizza, we all did introductions and explained why we joined and how we heard about TNT. We also had a nice training chat with Becky, the running coach. She passed out our training schedules and talked about everything from our expected milages to male nipple bleeding. There were definitely lots of laughs. But the most meaningful part of the evening for me was to meet our team's Honored Hero. A 16-year old kid from Bixby who is graduating high school this year! Double wow! I think everyone there teared up along with his mom while she was sharing his story but we all loved hearing that he has been in remission for 2 years! I love hearing other people's good news like that. When you wag, the world wags with you (insert cute picture of dog butt wagging). 

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