Sunday, May 8, 2011

TNT Blog: Jumper

I took the plunge! I've signed up to run a half marathon in October! The Nike Women's (half) Marathon in San Francisco!

Running a full marathon has been on my bucket list since high school. Because since I am not a serious runner (recreational barely covers it), this has been a far fetched goal, nothing more then in the back of my mind occasionally surfacing for a couple minutes of thought. But I feel like now is the perfect time for me to begin to obtain the ability to check it off my list and training for a half marathon is the perfect stepping stone. This is a big deal for me, but I am excited to take on the challenge. I ran my first two 5K's back in November of last year, the Cliff Hanger in Kansas City and then the Tulsa Turkey Trot.My times were slow, but steady and I was excited to work on getting up to a quicker pace. Unfortunately in January I injured my knee (some sort of "loose body" floating around and causing trouble). After achingly slow weeks of walking funny and then a serious dose of steroids, the swelling finally went down more than a month ago and my knee feels back to normal! What better way to test it out than to train it to carry me for 13.1 miles

A couple years ago I remember hearing about someone I knew from OU who participated in Team in Training and did a triathlon. She seemed like a bad-ass for having those grease numbers on her arms and I was instantly intrigued. Team in Training (TNT) seemed like such an amazing organization but because of school, work and life in general I didn't feel as though I had the time to commit to training for an endurance event. Fast-forward to a couple months ago. Since I could no longer consider myself a pre-med or graduate student, and did not need to spend 1 minute outside of my 40 hours thinking about work, I realized I had AMPLE time on my hands for whatever hobbies I see fit. A couple weeks ago I recieved a postcard inviting me to a TNT info meeting and it seemed like perfect timing. I was a little intimidated at first to hear that the only events to choose from were airplane distance away and that you were required to raise thousands of dollars to participate, but I mean it's not like I'm on a time crunch for free time. I'm ready for this new adventure and can already picture myself recieving my silver Tiffany necklace in a little blue box from a firefighter in a tux at the finishline.

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