Monday, May 2, 2011

smoothie withdrawls

OMG, today I did not have my usual morning smoothie and I craved one all morning! I was running late for work so I settles on a travel mug of coffee and then had a PB bar and and oatmeal bar at work. Around 8:30 the craving started. I went to the cafe at 9 to buy a naked juice. They are much more sugary than the ones I make a home but are still very tasty. I just got a small half size bottle and it made me feel more my usual self. After that the morning flew by! I went to lunch a little early at 11:30 and had 3 of my 4 PB and honey roll-ups, a couple baby carrots, some wheat bunnies and cheese and applesauce. Later in the afternoon for a snack I finished off the 4th roll-up and the rest of the carrots. Later-er in the afternoon I finished the rest of the wheat bunnies and cheese and sliced my gala apple. It was the most perfect apple! Super crispy and not mushy at all.

When I got home from work, Dad had gone grocery shopping and I shoved a Hostess Cupcake in my mouth from starvation before my senses kicked in. I then decided to do my run before dinner, since it was already chilly. I did Couch to 5K, week 3.1. I felt my running intervals were very slow and I felt super sluggish so I didn't go very far during my trek. Oh well. After I got home I was ready for dinner and luckily it was all ready for me! I just had to saute some spinach for a couple minutes so I had some sort of color on my plate. I def could have done with less sauce though. 

After dinner my sweet tooth kicked in and I had a second cupcake, one regular peep and a chocolate covered peep.

I got an email saying that Mockingjay was ready for checkout/download and got so excited! B/c of the format (WMA), I have to download it on my (mom's) old dell and put it on my old ipod. The MP3 waitlist for direct iphone download is twice as long. I'm so excited to start listening I don't even care!

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