Tuesday, May 17, 2011

return to harry potter

This was Tinker's favorite napping place last night, she likes to get my pillow good a furry before I go to bed. 

Um, this was perhaps my best smoothie yet. I did my typical spinach, banana, frozen fruit, scoop of vanilla protein powder and water, but then I added some wheat germ and flax meal. The must have been the perfect touch because it was amazing! I was also feeling the need for some coffee this morning...

After listening to my NY Times audible digest first thing at work, I was going to listen to the James Patterson book I got from the library. The first one in the women's murder club series. I listened for like 5 minutes but just wasn't feeling. On a whim I turned on HP1 and listened all day! I think I only have like 3 hours of the book left for tomorrow. Then I might need to start HP2! LOL. We'll see.

I wasn't planning on having a midmorning snack because I didn't want to use any more points before lunch, but around 10 I needed it. I decided to try a diet pepsi (leftover in the work fridge from hospital week). It definitely was not the same as diet coke and I threw most of it away. I bought some Kashi Go-Lean Crunch and some Vanilla Silk. Though it hit the spot I was disappointed to discover it had 5 points for the cereal and 4 points for the entire carton of Silk. The silk was so "expensive" because it was vanilla and had more sugar than the plain (which they don't sell in the caf). But cereal! I don't like how carbs are always so many points! I love them! The cereal and silk hit the spot, btw. 

Lunch was another veggie wrap (with a little more hummus than yesterday). Carrots, zucchini, green bell pepper, spinach, garden lettuce. Maybe my new favorite lunch?

To my lunch I also added a cheese stick and an apple with peanut butter. 

Of course it had to be someones birthday so there was ice-cream cake. I enjoyed a small piece. Afternoon snack was cottage cheese, blueberries, applesauce and a couple pretzels. 

After work I had to stop at Target and treated myself to my new favorite, Frappuccino! Sugar-free caramel with soymilk no whip or caramel drizzle. Only 3 points! I want one every day now...

I decided to do my running before dinner again. I did Couch to 5K week 5.1. Walk 5, run 5, walk 3, run 5, walk 3, run 5, walk 5. I felt great afterwards, though my right shin was kind of sore. I took the dogs for a short walk after that. 

Dinner was veggie soup with kidney beans, a little turkey sausage on the size and pretzels and hummus. I had a chocolate pretzel WW bar for dessert. 

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