Tuesday, May 10, 2011

my first weight watchers meeting!

Yesterday was my first day on Weight Watchers and it was kind of tough as far as points go. I thought I'd been eating "healthy" the last couple weeks, but I went way over my daily point budget and made a serious dent in my weekly extra points. It's too bad peanut butter and whole grains have so many points because I sure do love them!

This morning I had a smoothie and oatmeal for breakfast. I was shocked to discover that my half-serving of oatmeal with a little PB and banana was 6 points! The oatmeal, 3, the PB 2 and the flax meal 1! I feel as though any sort of carbs from the flax meal should be negated for it's super healthy benefits, but I don't get to make the rules. But the truth is that if my diet was really that healthy I would have lost a couple pounds in the last few weeks, which I have not. I guess my new breakfast will simply be the smoothie with just 2 points if it has protein powder or 0 points w/o. 

Around 10am I busted out my peanut butter bar. I love them so much! Unfortunately, because they have oatmeal, agave nectar, peanut butter, nuts, pumpkin seeds, coconut oil, and dried fruit they are 6 points a piece! I find this extremely frustrating. I understand that all of these ingredients have fat and are calorically dense, but I just don't believe that a 2 points healthy bar full of preservatives and artificial sugar is better for you. But again I must remind myself that the point of the program is weight loss, not fuel for runners or high-energy exercisers. 

Because it's hospital week, there were a bunch of treats in the break room for us. I was about to grab jalapeno cheetos, but decided these would be a better option...I also grabbed a small bag of honey nut peanuts and a diet coke for later. 

Leftover spagetti squash, salad and grapes (and chips) constituted my lunch and were amazing. I love spaghetti squash with tomato sauce. It always taste good and you just feel so amazing after eating so many vegetables.

My afternoon snack was some baby carrots and a greek yogurt. Unfortunately I have discovered that yogurt makes my stomach achey. Something about the tartness I guess. But when I eat it with my lunch it doesn't do that. For tomorrow I packed a yogurt and cottage cheese and will mix them together (sounds gross but tastes great) to see if the cheese helps it go down better. 

When I got home from work I had a small bowl of honey bunnies and silk before I went to my very first weight watchers meeting. When I got home, I had a bean burrito with a laughing cow cheese and spinach and a handful of dark chocolate peanut M&M's. I totaled 40 points which is 6 over my daily allotment of 34. I have made a serious dent in my weekly points in just two days! 

Weight Watchers

Today was my first Weight Watchers meeting! I was kind of nervous about it because I had no idea what to expect. It was actually quite enjoyable, nice to be around lots of people with the same goal in mind. I really think going to the meetings will help keep me focused. The plan was for me and mom to go to meetings together, but Saturday is pretty much the only day she can go because of work and yesterday I realized that TNT Saturday training won't allow me to go to Saturday meetings. But it might be nice to not be at meetings together, allow me to branch out. The most beneficial part will be the fact that we are both doing it together at home. 

I was proud of myself immediately after the meeting because during the getting started intro session, some of the women were talking about this kit you can buy for $45 that has everything you need including a full points guide and an eating out guide. A little bit later I started to look at one and then reminded myself I can get all this information for free on the WW website. Let's hope I don't get sucked in at a later date...

I got lot of pamphlets and booklets when I checked it. Hopefully I will actually read them all =). The "it's a new day" booklet on the front made me laugh. It's about the new walk-it plan where they're trying to encourage all members to walk a 5K when my goal is to run a half marathon. But I have to remind myself that I am one of the more healthy and fit members. The blue books have all the basics of the new Points Plus system and the green book is this weeks handout. 

I also got a pocket guide that has a large Points Plus values list as well as sections on super foods, treats, exercise and then a section to put all your stickers. You also get a weight record to keep track of all your weigh-ins. There's also a spot to put your paper points tracker, but I do it online with the iphone app and computer (WW website is not blocked at my work! It's fate!) 

In the blue book that talks about all the basics, there is this nice fold out guide with lots of great meal and snack ideas. Something I don't like is the emphasis on fat-free and sugar-free foods. Although artificial sweeteners don't have any calories, I do not believe they are good for you. Your body does now know what the chemical is and I think it messes with your hormones. However if you need to lose 100 lbs, you need everything in your corner you can get. I also feel as though "fat-free" stuff is rarely worth the calorie cut. I would rather have a couple bites of full fat ice cream than a half cup of fat- free junk.

All in all I think this is a good plan and am excited to see how it works for me! I believe my biggest weakness the past couple days was eating too many points too early in the day. Honestly, a big smoothie should be plenty breakfast for me and I will just have to find a better morning snack choice! 

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