Monday, May 9, 2011

mother's day

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing moms out there! Especially mine! While erranding on Saturday, my mom decided that for mother's day, she wanted a picnic out on our country property, so that was the happenings for most of the day.

I added a cheese biscuit from Farrell's Organic Bakery to my breakfast. It wasn't quite as good as when it was fresh yesterday, but still yum-o.

Before we left for Little Thunder Ranch, she opened her presents. 

This is a photo is from mother's day many, many years ago. We had a celebration at my aunt's house in Tampa. Isn't my hat cool? 

Mom's new cross-body bag. Disney style. 

On the way home from the 40, we realized that the dogs would be much easier to keep track of if they had loud, jingle-y bells on their collars. They are quite good at stelthily sneaking off and all of a sudden they are gone! Mom and I stopped at Michael's on the way home for supplies. 

The finished product. They weren't as loud as we hoped, but perhaps will be louder when bounding through the grass. 

Mom also decided that for mother's day dinner, she wanted to stop throwing away food and have leftovers. After a 2 hour nap, I chowed down on turkey pot pie and salad.

My new zucchini! The cucumbers I planted died and when I went to exchange it at the nursery, the man told me the replacement was only for larger plants, but apparently my face was so sad he let me go pick out a new plant. The 2 remaining cuces were quite unfortunate looking so I picked out a zucchini. Gotta save that $2.50! Usually they grow pretty large, so I hope it has enough room in it's square foot!

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