Monday, May 23, 2011

lies that handy told me

Today sure went by fast! Last night while making my lunch for today, I prepped some sketchy looking mangos for my smoothie today. I also added a red pear to the tupperware. It made my morning smoothie an extra gross color and weird flavor. Not bad, but nothing exceptional. I think other tropical fruit would have made it taste better 

1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1/2 banana
1 1/2 mangos
1 red pear
1 handful spinach
2 large frozen strawberries 

Now that I go back through the "recipe" I think it tasted weird because there wasn't enough frozen items to make the finished product nice and cold. Even the best ingredients don't taste as good in a room-temp smoothie. 

Once at work, I realized I had forgotten my ipod so I couldn't listen to HP3. I had to settle for something on my iphone and went with Chelsea Handler. It was pretty good, though there were a couple chapters that weren't as good as others (each chapter was written by a different person). It was still very entertaining! 

For my midmorning snack, I decided to test out an Iron Girl bar. I only bought them b/c I had a coupon =) .75 off of you buy two, and they're $1 each. Not a bad deal! And I am very glad I decided to test them out, it was yum! It was the perfect amount of crunchy yet soft and a great flavor. I might try the cocoa one tomorrow. And they were only 3 points plus values each, which is the same as a nutri-grain bar or weight watchers bar. They are definitely better than nutri-grain bars! 

My lunch time salad was perfect. Topped with beans and light ranch, it hit the spot. I enjoyed a lemon yogurt for dessert. It was the first time I'd had a chobani brand yogurt and I will definitely be buying them again. It was the perfect amount of lemony goodness with little bits of lemon mixed in, as opposed to fruit on the bottom, so little stirring was necessary. 

Afternoon snack! I only had a couple sips of La Croix. I think I am carbonated-beverage out? I just wasn't feeling it. 

I was seriously craving some sweetness after my apple and cheese. These cinnamon snack bars are great!  I mean they are not hunger satisfying, but if you need a sweet treat, they'll do the trick.

I decided to try to squeeze in my run before the rain hit and before dinner. I was excited to test out all my new gear! The new top wasn't as amazing as I thought it'd be and I think it actually kind of stuck to me once I got really sweaty. Double loved the capris though. I like running in stretchy capris as opposed to shorts, much more comfortable. I triple loved my new spibelt! It was amazing!! It felt so free to run without anything strapped to my arms!! The only down side was that if I wanted to check out how much I had left in my running interval for Couch to 5K, I had to take it out of the pouch to look at the screen. It's much easier to check when it's on your arm. Maybe tomorrow I'll do a two mile full run? We'll see...

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