Sunday, May 29, 2011

kelly w's diary

I started today off right! Running! We didn't have a TNT group run today because of the "holiday" weekend, but I knew that it would be best if I ran in the morning. I didn't get out until 10am and it was already a little hot and humid. Note to self: It's worth getting up earlier to run in the cooler air! I wanted to do an entire couch to 10K interval run for a full 60 minutes, but after about 40, I was feeling pretty beat. I didn't bring any water with me so I was pretty thirsty. Sam was my running buddy and he did great! Though I did use some energy wrangling him, I think his enjoyment was worth it. 

After I got back from my run, I was seriously craving a smoothie, but I wanted to shower before having a smoothie (for some reason). I had a frozen waffle with PB before stretching. I forgot how much I love waffle PB sammies! They used to be my daily breakfast. Since the smuckers PB is from the fridge, I had to nuke the sandwich for like 10 seconds to make the PB nice a gooey. 

After stretching (which felt amazing) and a shower it was smoothie time! 

Huge! I couldn't even finish it all and dumped the last 1/4 down the train. 

It's always amazing to me how time flies so quickly on weekends. I ran to the library to pick up some holds, enjoyed some leftover pizza, watched like 10 minutes of myth-busters and then it was time to head to the movies! We saw Pirates in IMAX 3D. It was pretty good, though for some reason I just wasn't feeling penelope cruz as a pirate. I don't know why, it just didn't seem like the best fit. I brought a diet Coke and a caramel WW bar to the movie and enjoyed some theater popcorn. Afterwards, we stopped at Chipotle for dinner. My parents had never been there! I got a salad and loaded it up with veggies! I love their honey-chipotle vinegrette dressing, hopefully I can procure a recipe online. 

Even though I was full from popcorn and Chipotle, there is always room for Orange Leaf! Confetti cake is my favorite flavor, though for some reason I don't just get a bowl of it, I feel the need to get a little choc and vanilla too. I tried some brownie batter today. It was ok, but tasted a lot like chocolate. 

I enjoyed my fro-yo while watching Bridget Jones's Diary that I got from the library last week. I guess I had never seen the whole thing at once before because there were multiple parts that were new to me! I think I have become a Rene Zellweger now. I didn't used to be, but after this movie and New in Town, I love her! 

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