Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the invisibility booster must be faulty

Today started out with the same smoothie as yesterday and some coffee. 7.5 hours of sleep doesn't cut it for me! I feel like as I get older I should be able to get by on less sleep, but I think 8 is still my minimum. Last night I packed a little tote full of snacks to keep under my desk at work. Oatmeal, pretzels, rice snacks, applesauce, almonds and a bowl and silverware and a tumbler and tea. I enjoyed some oatmeal mixed with pumpkin pie spice and applesauce for my midmorning snack. Ok, so I love oatmeal, but why am I always so hungry so soon after eating it!? Literally within an hour of eating cooked oats I am starving. Aren't they supposed to keep you full a long time because of all the fiber? I don't understand! But I love oatmeal regardless. 

I finished HP1 before lunch and happily busted out HP2. I wonder how many days for me to get through all of them? Esp since I just found out the library has HP7 audiobook ready for me to check out! 

Lunch was a veggie wrap that I ate at my desk. I wanted to get some stuff done for my TNT fundraising letters on the computer while I munched. I also enjoyed a cheese stick, some cucumbers and a piece of birthday cake (9 points plus values!) for dessert. 

A couple hours later I was craving another piece of cake but because it was so points plus values costly, I tried to settle for some cottage cheese and a WW lemon bar. Last night I put a dollop of blueberry jam on my cottage cheese thinking it would be a nice flavor change...I was wrong. I think if I had put a teeny tiny amount it would have been OK, but it was just too much.

So I dug out some cheese rice snacks from my new snack tote under my desk.

After a walk across the air bridge, I couldn't resist anymore and had a second piece of cake with extra icing. I really hope it gone from work tomorrow.....seriously.....

When I got home from work, I was so excited about dinner I decided to start straight away and eat early. I found a Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo recipe on Weight Watchers website and it only had 4 points a serving! Or so I thought....once I started cooking I realized it was 4 servings that were 12 points each! Not a big deal except that I ate 12 points of cake today...I was very frustrated. But I made and ate it anyway and it was delicious! I would hate to see how many calories are in a traditional fetticcini alfredo! I enjoyed it with chicken (part of the recipe) and broccoli. I was going to have a salad too, but ate some cheese and crackers while cooking and was starting to get full...

After dinner, it was time for my Team in Training webinar! It was about getting started with fundraising. It was my first "webinar" and it was very interesting. We went to a website to watch a powerpoint and then called in on the phone for audio. I think it was originally going to be a discussion, but there were so many people signed up it was muted and we typed it questions on the computer for them to answer. It was very informative and I am actually looking forward to writing and mailing my fundraising letters! 

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