Saturday, May 28, 2011

hump day

Ah Wednesday. I love the feeling that we're halfway to the weekend! My bed buddies were looking super cute while I was getting ready for work. 

In my attempt to not eat so many weight watchers points in the morning, I decided against oatmeal. Instead I had a coffee smoothie and a hard boiled egg. The smoothie was great! Banana, spinach, strawberries, chocolate protein powder, 1T flax meal, 1/2c. almond milk, water and a instant coffee pack.  It was perfect! It very much reminded me of a jamocha shake from Arby's. It definitely did not taste like health food and the coffee woke me up a bit! A couple hours later I had an oatmeal bar which is only 4 points. I also had to have a diet coke because the computers were being slow and it was making me ridiculously sleepy. Lunch was a PBJ (soo many points! but delish!), jalapeno kettle chips and an apple. I was really missing my baby carrots! Afternoon snack was greek yogurt mixed with cottage cheese. It was good, but I only ate half. And grapes. 

I quickly hurried home from work because I wanted to make spinach and artichoke mac and cheese. I got the recipe from my friend Kirsten's blog, she tries to make monthly macaroni. They always look so amazing! The recipe calls for Fontina cheese, which I couldn't find. I was only willing to put forth so much effort into hunting down cheese. I found some pre-shredded gruyere which is an acceptable substitute, but the tub I bought last weekend had expired in April! It was returned. So today I had to stop at the store to get more gruyere (and baby carrots). It was a very mild cheese and made the veggie flavors really come out. I basically made a half recipe but used the full amount of spinach and artichokes. After putting the recipe into the WW website, I realized that if my square bake pan was 6 servings, each serving was 11 points! I decided to have an even smaller serving and load up on salad. These are the kind of smart choices that I am learning to make. I had 5 dark chocolate peanut M & M's for dessert. Yum! 

After adding in my pre-dinner starvation snacking of a mini almond joy bar and some pretzel crisps with a cheese ball, my daily points comes to 41 which means I used all of my 34 points plus 7 of my weekly points. You get 49 weekly points and I only have 18 left. Ugh. 

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