Sunday, May 8, 2011

hope you like stir fry

Oh how I love fridays! Although I had my usu smoothie and oatmeal breakfast, I had to sneak off to the caf around 9 for a pick-me-up diet coke. Once I got there, my weakness for southern comfort food won me over and I enjoyed looking out the dining room windows while eating delicious biscuits and gravy. 

Lunch was with momma! I was very excited to have a lunch buddy and met her in front of the gift shop (I still don't know my way around the hospital that well and neither does she so it was a nice, easy place for the both of us to find. While waiting, I did some browsing and loved this cute piece....too bad the zoom on my camera made it fuzzy, because I'd love to recreate it! 

When I got home from work, I went to water the garden and noticed the napa cabbage and begun to bolt (sprout flowers/seed pods). I've heard after this happens the plants (all plants) become inedible. Or at least not as tasty. I immediately pulled up the entire plant, leaves and all and set it in the kitchen to deal with later. I wasn't entirely sure how I wanted to proceed. 

While I was out there I decided to harvest some spinach and kale as well to enjoy in weekend smoothies!

The kale photo does not look as appetizing as the spinach, and it is not quite as tasty, but the leafy greens are very good for you and I love the cute, curly edges!

After dinner (turkey pot pie and salad) I talked myself into walking the dogs with mom and going for a run. I did C25K week 1.3 but tried to do the running intervals "faster" instead of slowly jogging. It was a great workout but I felt like I had shin splints when I was finished. Not good. Made me nervous! 
I turn so read when I run in any sort of heat! It is ridiculous! 

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