Thursday, May 26, 2011

gu is gross

The theme for wednesday for me seemed to be trying new things and then not liking them. I wasn't expecting this kind of thing since I had started the day off with my favorite and most delicious smoothie. 

I have been staying up way too late these past couple days, reading Poison Study (omg, soooo good! It's like a mix between Hunger Games and Twilight!) and catching up on blogs. I decided I needed a SF caramel soy latte. For some reason I also decided it needed an extra shot of espresso. Worst decision ever. It tasted gross. After it cooled down significantly, it was a little more bearable and I drank about half (I really needed to wake up) but threw away the rest. Too much coffee makes my stomach hurt. I ate a nutrigrain bar hoping the carbs would help my tummy feel better. 

For lunch I enjoyed a PBJ, baby carrots and a yoplait lime greek yogurt I purchased on whim. Glad I followed my whim b/c it was delish and I plan on buying more! For an afternoon snack I had a cheese stick and a Weight Watchers bar, after which I immediately realized that I have been eating way too many "bars" in packaging! I want to eat less processed food and more wholesome clean food. 

The WW bar was pretty good though!

I wanted to run when I got home from work, but these clouds were making me nervous! Luckily it was just an empty threat and the sky was much more clear 10 minutes later when I got home 

At TNT group training last Saturday, I grabbed a poweraide gel thing from the cooler bag just to try it out. It was strawberry-banana flavor and tasted OK, but then I noticed it expired in April and didn't finish it. Last Saturday, I also purchases a Gu at Fleet Feet, just to test out. I hear the name more often and thought they would taste good. I decided to try it before my 2 mile run. Mistake. It made my stomach feel weird and I wasn't a fan of the flavor. I think if I was exhausted from running 6 miles, I might enjoy it more, but I did not like it when I tried it yesterday.

After my run, I took the pups on a walk. Sammy gets so exhausted he must immediately lay on the cool tile as soon as we get home! 

Mom made white beans in the crock pot for dinner, but I am not a fan of "bean soup" which is pretty much just beans in veg broth. I scooped out a little bit, drained them and mixed with brown rice, frozen corn, chopped red and green bell pepper, chopped fresh spinach and then some EVOO, lime juice, garlic salt and red pepper flakes. Nuke for 20 seconds (only b/c of the corn). I love this kind of bean salad. It's like a colorful beans and rice. I rounded it out with a garden fresh salad! 

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