Sunday, May 29, 2011

glamour girl

Yesterday I decided that I needed to get my makeup organized. For years and years, all I've ever wanted is a cute dressing table that serves no other purpose than beautification. It would have a big center drawer where I can organize all of my makeup in neat little cubbies and wonderful lighting so I always look fabulous. Since I have never had a bedroom big enough to have a separate dressing table, I've always used my desk and and a lighted makeup mirror. Its kind of like this one, but round. I keep the mirror on the built-in bookshelves under my window and then move it over when I need it. This works pretty well for me. But I've never seemed to have a good organizational system for my makeup. I love "free gift with purchase" so I have many random eyeshadows and lipsticks that I don't use very often. By very often I mean never because I always forget about them when I'm getting ready in the morning. I like to have the makeup I use daily easily accessible, which lately has been in a separate bag from the rest of my stash. Yesterday I decided that this would no longer do. I absolutely love the organizer the Kardashian's use, but after doing some internet research, I found it was $290. Um, no thanks. Maybe after I marry rich? Stay tuned for that. 

Kim Kardashian Makeup Storage Drawer

Then I remembered that I had a little acrylic drawer sorter in my dad's garage that I tried to toss many many years ago but he thought was perfectly useful, but has yet to use it. I stole it, clorox-wiped it and filled it with makeup! Perfect! I had to toss a couple items so everything fit, but I think that's OK. Stuff goes bad after a certain amount of time anyway. I was also excited to test out something I had seen where you put rice (or similar) into a container to allow your pencils and brushes to stand up straight. Works like a charm! The drawer sorter fits perfectly on the filing cabinet next to my desk. I have a drawer for face, eye and lip. Love it! 

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