Monday, May 9, 2011

free bagels!

I joined weight watchers today! Yesterday on the way home from the 40, we were talking about junk food and my mom brought up how when she did weight watchers in the past, it worked for her. It was a kind of spur-of-the-moment decision, but we decided it might be a good idea for both of us to join. I did some googling and found a 25% off your first month coupon and joined this morning! I had a lot of fun at work today playing around on the weight watchers website and my iphone app. 

I felt I needed a little pick-me-up this morning and had a coffee, but while at work, I put it into my weight watchers food journal and realized the creamer I used took up 3 whole points! I feel like this is the perfect example of why I needed to join. Although I feel like I have a good understanding of what is healthy and what I should eat (regardless of whether I follow my own advice) I don't always know where the line lies between a healthy splurge/treat and just plain too much. 

Someone brought it some bagels for the office. IDK why, they just showed up in the break room area and it was mid-morning snack time. That half bagel was 5 points! and the cream cheese was 1. 

Towards the end of the day, I realized I was going to use up all of my points and have to leach into my extra weekly points on the very first day. But I figure this is okay, it's a learning experience. Dinner was amazing. Salad fresh from the garden, baked spaghetti squash and I also made some regular spaghetti for dad and enjoyed a small portion. Dinner was just the perfect thing. I love eating lots of vegetables for dinner; I always feel so great afterwards.

The only bad part was that the spaghetti squash takes an hour to bake and it wasn't until it was almost done that I realized I should make regular spaghetti for Dad, so it was a little after 7 when I was finished eating. As I like/need to go running by 8pm. This left me in a bit of a crunch. I hit the pavement around 8:15 and actually I felt pretty good for most of the run and didn't have a heavy stomach. I did C25K 2.3, which was just 90 second running segments though towards the middle I ran through a walking break for 5 minutes total. It felt great to run and I was proud of myself. I feel like this is a perfect example of why TNT is just what I need. I have a hard time physically pushing myself and am not a good judge of when I am just whimping out. All I need now is for people to freakin' donate! 

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