Tuesday, May 3, 2011

chia chia

Back to my usual smoothie/oatmeal breakfast and it felt great! I tried a new mix. Spinach, 1/2 banana, cucumber, 2 kiwi, strawberries and water. I should have added vanilla protein powder b/c it was a little too tart for my liking...but I still gobbled it up! I topped my oatmeal with some chia seeds. The jury is still out on how I feel about them. 

Around 10 I was feeling super sluggish b/c I stayed up waaayyyyy too late reading a Jessica Bird trashy romance novel. So good! I decided to solve my problem with a diet coke and snickers. Sometimes I don't know where I come up with these ideas. 

Lunch was an everything bagel with spinach and artichoke cream cheese, baby carrots and applesauce. Afternoon snack was an apple, a cutie and some mixed nuts. I enjoyed 2 laughing cow wedges and kashi crackers when I got home from work (and another hostess cupcake...). Dinner was Zataran's (sp?) dirty rice. It was much better than I expected. Tomorrow I'm going to stuff the leftover into bell peppers and bake. I rounded out all of the tan/white with a crispy green salad.

I was planning on doing a full body strength training workout this evening but just didn't feel like it. I did 10 minutes of legs and called it a night. 

I also licked the envelope for my Team in Training registration form. Excited. Nervous. New experience.  It will be great! 

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