Sunday, May 29, 2011

cheater, cheater, hideaway eater

Thursday was a pretty uneventful food day. I had my normal breakfast, leftover salad from wednesday for lunch and newly made salad for dinner. Luckily Friday made up for this because it was full of junk food and "cheats". I don't really like this term because I think that eating junk food can definitely be a part of a healthy diet as long as you don't go overboard. 

First things first, lets start off this post letting you know about the shocking thing I found in my shoe once I got to work. While walking from my car inside, I noticed something poking my foot. I wiggled it to a more comfortable position and made a mental not to remove the object once I was at my desk. Once I sat, I immediately took off my show to find...a cat claw? WTF? I don't think cats shed claws? Plus, when I got home I looked at Tink's paws and didn't find a missing toenail, so who knows. 
Luckily I got over my gross claw incident rather quickly and shortly after was ready for a snack and a caffeine kick. I settled for a bar from my bag. I am kind of over nutri-grain bars. I bought 2 boxes because I had a coupon, and now I have two boxes of nutri-grain bars I need to eat when 2 bars is about enough for me. It's not that they taste bad, but they are nothing special. Plus the "bread" part is super crumbly and always makes a mess. I have enough trouble not spilling food all over myself, I don't need to be eating food that encourages me to have bits of crumb stuck to my shirt! 

I met with mom for lunch in the caf and the salad bar was delish as usual. Maybe one of these weeks i will finally remember to snap a pic of my salad?

I busted out some hummus for my afternoon snack, but wasn't really feeling it. I think part of it is because I eat healthy during the week and am ready for some fat and sugar by the end of the week, but another part is that I knew I was going to have Hideaway for dinner and was having grease urges begin in the afternoon. Plus the caf closes at 3 and if I didn't act soon, I'd miss out! 

I was only planning on getting a Snickers, but the cool ranch was calling my name....

Only 8 points plus values for a Snickers! 

Hideaway for dinner was amazing! As usual! I even splurged and got some fried pickles! They aren't as good as Classic 50's in Norman, but are still pretty tasty! Mom and I tried to watch more of Tron: Legacy with dinner, but it just wasn't holding my interest. I hung on for like 45 minutes and then decided I'd rather spend the next hour of my life sleeping. Unfortunately there is some sort of opening celebration going on at the pool across the street every day this weekend, so a terrible mid-life crisis band was blaring their speakers. Even with my air-purifier thing on, I could still hear it! So I read Poison Study for a couple hours. It is soo good! Good thing it's part of a trilogy b/c I am sad I am getting close to the end! 

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