Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Back to my normal breakfast smoothie. It just felt right. 

I am having a love affair with ranch dressing. It's just so dang good. 
I also had some leftover dirty rice and an apple. My afternoon snack was baby carrots and apple sauce. Definitely not enough food because when I got home I scarfed down cheese and crackers ( and a cupcake) like I was dying. Dinner was half of a bell pepper stuffed with dirty rice. Only half because I was so dang full of cheese and crackers! After my run I had a chocolate smoothie for dessert. 

I am always proud of myself when I go for a run. Even when it's nothing difficult. I did couch to 5K week 2.3 I am actually very much enjoying jumping around between the different weeks. I feel like I can judge my progress better. I think I will be doing it much more often. 

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