Sunday, May 22, 2011

back in time

Friday started out like any day for me, with a smoothie and coffee! I am becoming addicted to smoothies and am not even sorry. They are so perfect. Filling, but light. I decided to change it up a bit and add lots of frozen blueberries. 

 After a couple hours at work, I was feeling the drag and went downstairs to the starbucks kiosk for a soy, sugar free caramel, Frappuccino. I was feeling sleepy and got a grande....but after drinking about a "tall's" worth, I was satisfied. I must remember for future reference! 

For lunch I ate with my mom in the food court. It is our new Friday tradition and we both love it. I usually meet her up in the air bridge because it can be confusing to make your way down to the cafeteria from there. 

The salad bar at Saint Francis is amazing. Everything is so fresh and crispy! No soggy romaine for me! They switch out all the topping selections, so you never really know what kind of veggies and extras you'll be able to have. Plus it's super cheap. $3.50 for a plate full? I'm sold! 

I don't know what it was, perhaps the Frappuccino (?) but I was seriously craving junk food later in the afternoon. I ended up going to the cafe and getting a snickers and cool ranch doritos to enjoy with my diet coke. The diet coke started to give me a stomach ache after about half of it, artificial sugar just doesn't sit with me! After checking off 14 points plus values for the candy bar and chips I decided the rest of the day was going to go much better, healthier! 

I got home from work and after cleaning up a bit, dad decided he wanted to go out to eat, Chimi's. Considering I love chips and queso like it's my own child, I was sold. I did enjoy it all, but I definitely ate too much. I was basically full of chips and salsa and queso by the time my chicken chimi and papitas (potatoes) arrived. Yet I still managed to eat half of my dinner, which is the usual. I didn't even want to think about how many points plus values I had used on that meal, but I did have some weekly PPV's left as well as many activity points I had earned. After arriving home, we decided to watch Tron: Legacy and that we needed some Orange Leaf to go with it.....I had some confetti cake, chocolate and vanilla with colored sprinkles. It was like 7 points plus values, but totally worth it! 

I ended up only watching about 10 minutes of Tron. I hope to watch it sometime this week, but I had TNT group running at 7:30 am and wanted to be refreshed for my run! 

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