Sunday, May 22, 2011

2 mile run

On Saturday, I woke up bright and early for my Team In Training group run! I enjoyed a small bowl of plain oatmeal and then headed out to meet my group on Riverside. The San Diego and Nike group well all together today. Well, only for introductions and then we split. The beginners (me and like 4 other people) were only going 2 miles today,  and then the SD and intermediate Nike peeps were going 8 miles. We did introductions again to meet people in the other group, did a short warm up and then were off. I walked for a short while to warm up then started jogging. My goal was to run at least 10 minutes straight twice, with a short break in the middle. I made it all the way to the turn-around point, walked for about a minuted then started jogging again. I was very surprised I could do so much at once! I enjoyed my run and it inspired me and made me remember that I can do this! After I finished, I chatted with one of our two running coaches for a bit while stretching, then headed home to grab some breakfast before our shoe clinic. After signing out on the clipboard, I snagged a small cup of blue PowerAide from the cooler and hit the road. 

I enjoyed a smoothie and a frozen whole grain waffle with some PB for breakfast. The PB hit the spot! I have definitely been missing it during the week! We had a shoe clinic at Tulsa Runner and it was very informative. He talked about all the different kinds of shoes and how they fit. I think I will be going back there to talk about my shoes with him. I love them, but because I have skinny feet, I have to tie them tight, which puts pressure on the top of my foot. I'm currently testing out a fancy new heel slip tying bow to see if that helps. While at Tulsa Runner, I wanted to buy a Spibelt. However, all of the ones I looked at at the store were smaller than I thought they'd be. In all the photos I've seen, they are much larger. Sad that they didn't have the size I wanted (I didn't bother asking) I left without making a purchase. I ran some errands and did some gardening, showered and enjoyed some leftover chimi's for lunch. I love how much stuff I can get done on Saturdays now b/c I get up so early! 

After lounging around a bit, I decided that I still really wanted a spibelt and to do some more research on the internet and maybe purchase online. While looking at all the wonderful colors, I realized that I could just go to the other running store in Tulsa, Fleet Feet! Sadly, the only had a couple in stock and did not have a black one.  I love the colored ones, but thought that black might be safer. While at Fleet, I had an epiphany. They are folded and stretch! When they are empty, the pouch is the same width as the belt, but  the pouch fabric is sewn in pleats that fold out! Duh! I purchase a sweat wicking headband and a gu to test out. After stopping at Starbucks for a tall SF caramel soy frapp, I headed back to Tulsa Runner. The owner recognized me from that morning and I got 10% off for being a TNT member! I decided on a black one with a festive pink zipper. 

Later in the day, mom and I headed to Best Buy b/c she had to get a TV for the PT department for work.  While loading the new 37" into the back of her car, I spotted this guy coming from a neighboring store with a Texas flag shirt. Don't mess with Texas! 

We ran to Target to look for a new car window shade (which apparently they don't sell at Target...) and I walked mom by the activewear to show her this neon yellow shirt I knew she'd love. She always worries I'll get hit by a car running in the evening and I knew she'd get this shirt for me ;). It's technical fabric which will help keep me cool. I also scored a pair of dark gray matching capris. Stretchy capris are my favorite form of running bottoms! I'm tempted to go back and get the in black too...

I really wanted to test out my new gear straight away, but I didn't want to run a second time on Saturday and Sunday's supposed to be my rest day. 

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