Sunday, May 29, 2011

sunday set-up

I love reading other people's blogs. I love being inspired by other people's great ideas! One of which was introduced to me by Run, Eat, Repeat. I love her blog! One of her posts was about Sunday Set-Up, an idea she got from Kathy Kaehler. She has a step workout from way back in the day that I need to investigate since Kim Kardashian's Butt Blasting Cardio Step is too complicated for me. I am a beginning stepper and don't know any of the moves!

Anyway I think the idea of a Sunday Set Up is excellant. Make a plan for exercise, eating and general goals for the next week and review the previous week's goals. Since I am wanting to read Poison Study more than make this plan, I'll do it tomorrow since it's a holiday and I have the day off!

weekly weight-in

This week's weight-in was much better than last, since I lost 1lb. I thought I lost more, but slow and steady wins the race. This week's topic was Best Supporting Network and we talked about who in our lives can we count on. I definitely think my mom is #1 in this topic. Since she is doing WW too, it is very easy to get her assistance. A good quote I took home from the meeting: "Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it." I will definitely try to express gratitude more in my life because that quote really inspired me. 

The weekly bulletin was about the digital Weight Watchers community. One of my goals for this week is to explore this resource more. I use the meal tracker daily but that is about all. I have never really used the discussion board or challenges or anything like that. I need to kick it up and notch and get my money's worth! 

sunday funday

This morning was filled with loving my new makeup organization, a smoothie and shredded wheat'n'bran, couponing, grocery and menu list making and then grocery shopping at Target. While there I got suckered into buying a small bag of maui onion chips. They pretty much tasted like plain kettle ships, I did not sense any onion flavor at all! But they were still good. 

After stopping to buy ice for the frozen yogurt to be made later (forget to purchase at target) and hurridly putting away the groceries, I went to my Weight Watchers meeting (more on that later) and enjoyed a string cheese, prune ones and an iron girl bar before the meeting. I was hungry! I didn't really eat lunch, which is probably why I impulse purchased scarfed the "onion" chips. 

After the meeting, I came home and was pleasantly surprised that my mom had been able to prep 6 cups of strawberries as well as make the mixture for our Berry Frozen Yogurt . I had found this recipe a while ago and was dying to try it, but it's kind of an ordeal to get our the ice cream churner. I thought memorial weekend was the perfect excuse! I mean what is healthier than fresh fruit and yogurt! Plus I am not a fan of the gross fat coating left on my tongue and spoon after eating homemade ice cream. My mom ended up doubling the amount of plain yogurt. Partly because she thought the mixture was too sweet and partly because we bought a big tub of plain yogurt and it needed to be used up. Since we used fresh strawberries, the mixture had to sit in the fridge (I am impatient and put it in the freezer) for a hour to chill before churning. 

While the yogurt churned away I made some deviled eggs. Mom had already boiled them, but of course I had to make them. They were pretty good, but I was feeling fancy and added a dash of relish to the yolk mixture. I would not do this again. 

After the eggs were deviled and not too many eaten in the process, I proceeded to make the angel food cake to go with the strawberry yogurt. 

I love the batter! So tangy and zippy! 

All ready to bake.

While the cake was baking, I prepped some corn for the grill.

This is my new favorite way to make corn on the cob. Drizzle with EVOO, then top with seasoning and wrap up! That's it! You can cook it in the oven or grill. Either is delish.

All ready to go.

Since mom and I are Weight Watcher-ing we bought two kinds of hot dogs. The ones on the right are black angus beef dogs with no nitrites though they are definitely the better of the two, they have 5 points plus values a piece b/c of the fat content. The ones of the left are turkey dogs made with white meat. Because of the white meat, they have absolutely no fat and are only 45 calories each and 1 points plus value. They are not quite as tasty as the beef ones, but still pretty good.

While the grill was a grillin, we had a garden photo shoot. 

We munched on some banana peppers and bib lettuce straight from the garden.

Oh yeah, before making the deviled eggs, I also made some spinach dip! To be enjoyed with baked ruffles.

After enjoying my memorial weekend cookout food and watching the rest of Pirates: Dead Man's Chest , I headed to Academy Sports to get a foam roller. Success! Though it is a Jane Fonda workout thing with a DVD, but it still gets the kinks out. 

I also bought some new flavors of gels. Yes, I know that on Thursday, I tried a Gu before my run and was very disappointed.  But after my run on Saturday, during which I was so thirsty and tired, I thought it would've been nice to have a gel thing to give me a little pick-up. Plus I think I will need to learn to like 'em since I'm running a half marathon in October.

After testing out the roller for a couple minutes I decided it was strawberry frozen yogurt time! 

After this photo was taken, I immediately removed my cake from the bowl. I do not like soggy cake.

Sam does not seem to understand that we SHARE the bed and that he shouldn't lay right in the middle. He always acts so put out when I make him move...

glamour girl

Yesterday I decided that I needed to get my makeup organized. For years and years, all I've ever wanted is a cute dressing table that serves no other purpose than beautification. It would have a big center drawer where I can organize all of my makeup in neat little cubbies and wonderful lighting so I always look fabulous. Since I have never had a bedroom big enough to have a separate dressing table, I've always used my desk and and a lighted makeup mirror. Its kind of like this one, but round. I keep the mirror on the built-in bookshelves under my window and then move it over when I need it. This works pretty well for me. But I've never seemed to have a good organizational system for my makeup. I love "free gift with purchase" so I have many random eyeshadows and lipsticks that I don't use very often. By very often I mean never because I always forget about them when I'm getting ready in the morning. I like to have the makeup I use daily easily accessible, which lately has been in a separate bag from the rest of my stash. Yesterday I decided that this would no longer do. I absolutely love the organizer the Kardashian's use, but after doing some internet research, I found it was $290. Um, no thanks. Maybe after I marry rich? Stay tuned for that. 

Kim Kardashian Makeup Storage Drawer

Then I remembered that I had a little acrylic drawer sorter in my dad's garage that I tried to toss many many years ago but he thought was perfectly useful, but has yet to use it. I stole it, clorox-wiped it and filled it with makeup! Perfect! I had to toss a couple items so everything fit, but I think that's OK. Stuff goes bad after a certain amount of time anyway. I was also excited to test out something I had seen where you put rice (or similar) into a container to allow your pencils and brushes to stand up straight. Works like a charm! The drawer sorter fits perfectly on the filing cabinet next to my desk. I have a drawer for face, eye and lip. Love it! 

kelly w's diary

I started today off right! Running! We didn't have a TNT group run today because of the "holiday" weekend, but I knew that it would be best if I ran in the morning. I didn't get out until 10am and it was already a little hot and humid. Note to self: It's worth getting up earlier to run in the cooler air! I wanted to do an entire couch to 10K interval run for a full 60 minutes, but after about 40, I was feeling pretty beat. I didn't bring any water with me so I was pretty thirsty. Sam was my running buddy and he did great! Though I did use some energy wrangling him, I think his enjoyment was worth it. 

After I got back from my run, I was seriously craving a smoothie, but I wanted to shower before having a smoothie (for some reason). I had a frozen waffle with PB before stretching. I forgot how much I love waffle PB sammies! They used to be my daily breakfast. Since the smuckers PB is from the fridge, I had to nuke the sandwich for like 10 seconds to make the PB nice a gooey. 

After stretching (which felt amazing) and a shower it was smoothie time! 

Huge! I couldn't even finish it all and dumped the last 1/4 down the train. 

It's always amazing to me how time flies so quickly on weekends. I ran to the library to pick up some holds, enjoyed some leftover pizza, watched like 10 minutes of myth-busters and then it was time to head to the movies! We saw Pirates in IMAX 3D. It was pretty good, though for some reason I just wasn't feeling penelope cruz as a pirate. I don't know why, it just didn't seem like the best fit. I brought a diet Coke and a caramel WW bar to the movie and enjoyed some theater popcorn. Afterwards, we stopped at Chipotle for dinner. My parents had never been there! I got a salad and loaded it up with veggies! I love their honey-chipotle vinegrette dressing, hopefully I can procure a recipe online. 

Even though I was full from popcorn and Chipotle, there is always room for Orange Leaf! Confetti cake is my favorite flavor, though for some reason I don't just get a bowl of it, I feel the need to get a little choc and vanilla too. I tried some brownie batter today. It was ok, but tasted a lot like chocolate. 

I enjoyed my fro-yo while watching Bridget Jones's Diary that I got from the library last week. I guess I had never seen the whole thing at once before because there were multiple parts that were new to me! I think I have become a Rene Zellweger now. I didn't used to be, but after this movie and New in Town, I love her! 

cheater, cheater, hideaway eater

Thursday was a pretty uneventful food day. I had my normal breakfast, leftover salad from wednesday for lunch and newly made salad for dinner. Luckily Friday made up for this because it was full of junk food and "cheats". I don't really like this term because I think that eating junk food can definitely be a part of a healthy diet as long as you don't go overboard. 

First things first, lets start off this post letting you know about the shocking thing I found in my shoe once I got to work. While walking from my car inside, I noticed something poking my foot. I wiggled it to a more comfortable position and made a mental not to remove the object once I was at my desk. Once I sat, I immediately took off my show to find...a cat claw? WTF? I don't think cats shed claws? Plus, when I got home I looked at Tink's paws and didn't find a missing toenail, so who knows. 
Luckily I got over my gross claw incident rather quickly and shortly after was ready for a snack and a caffeine kick. I settled for a bar from my bag. I am kind of over nutri-grain bars. I bought 2 boxes because I had a coupon, and now I have two boxes of nutri-grain bars I need to eat when 2 bars is about enough for me. It's not that they taste bad, but they are nothing special. Plus the "bread" part is super crumbly and always makes a mess. I have enough trouble not spilling food all over myself, I don't need to be eating food that encourages me to have bits of crumb stuck to my shirt! 

I met with mom for lunch in the caf and the salad bar was delish as usual. Maybe one of these weeks i will finally remember to snap a pic of my salad?

I busted out some hummus for my afternoon snack, but wasn't really feeling it. I think part of it is because I eat healthy during the week and am ready for some fat and sugar by the end of the week, but another part is that I knew I was going to have Hideaway for dinner and was having grease urges begin in the afternoon. Plus the caf closes at 3 and if I didn't act soon, I'd miss out! 

I was only planning on getting a Snickers, but the cool ranch was calling my name....

Only 8 points plus values for a Snickers! 

Hideaway for dinner was amazing! As usual! I even splurged and got some fried pickles! They aren't as good as Classic 50's in Norman, but are still pretty tasty! Mom and I tried to watch more of Tron: Legacy with dinner, but it just wasn't holding my interest. I hung on for like 45 minutes and then decided I'd rather spend the next hour of my life sleeping. Unfortunately there is some sort of opening celebration going on at the pool across the street every day this weekend, so a terrible mid-life crisis band was blaring their speakers. Even with my air-purifier thing on, I could still hear it! So I read Poison Study for a couple hours. It is soo good! Good thing it's part of a trilogy b/c I am sad I am getting close to the end! 
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