Saturday, April 23, 2011

Whatever happened to Saturday Night?

Weekend! Oh how I love thee! For my Mom's birthday, Dad and I got her a Kindle! Unfortunately the H key was janky and we had to exchange it for a new one. The good news was that they shipped the new one before we had to return the old one! I had downloaded a couple free books and started reading 13 Little Blue Envelopes. I kept the janky Kindle for a couple extra days to finish the book since Mom was taking the Kindle with her on her trip. I got up extra early today to say bye to my parents and couldn't fall asleep after the left, so I laid in bed and finished the book. It was so cute! 

After reading I was tired and fell back asleep until around 9:30ish. I finally roused myself out of bed around 10 and had a typical breakfast. 

I cut some spinach from the garden (the Kale had been throughly picked throughout the week =) ) and made a smoothie with the last remnants of frozen fruit I could find in the fridge, blueberries and peaches. 

After breakfast I went to the grocery where I spent way too much money. But I love grocery shopping and I had to buy a lot of stuff that you only buy every once in a while including 3 huge bags of frozen fruit, flax meal, a giant tub of oatmeal, small tupperware and lots of dried fruit for making oatmeal bars. The grocery store was packed! All the women running around with frantic looks on their faces and freaking out b/c they were out of fresh green beans. 

After Walmart grocery store I had to go to another grocery store that is also right by our house b/c I wanted some plain greek yogurt and Walmart was out. I stopped at Farrell's Bakery for some Granola bread and got a chocolate croissant too. Luckily I only ate half of it in the car so I had some for later. 

After I unpacked the groceries, I made myself a California Turk'y Burger from Morningstar Farms. I put it on a whole grain sandwich thin and topped it with some pepperjack cheese, 1/2 avacado, garden veggie cream cheese, romaine lettuce and two tomato slices. The garden veggie cream cheese was so good I ended up taking a couple swipes of it with pretzel thins like a dip!

I added two Cuties to the mix and had a quick and easy lunch.

Outside the walmart grocery store, they had tomato plants for sale. Our seeds didn't sprout, so I bought a cherokee purple and one that makes little grape tomatos.

While in the checkout line at walmart, I snagged myself a treat. An applesauce to go! What an amazing idea! I feel like it is 77 cents well spent since it's way better for you than a candy bar. I put it in my purse for later. I ate it a couple hours later after running some errands and all of a sudden realized I was starving!

For most of the day I had planned on getting myself Hideaway, but after shopping I felt like I had spent too much money already and decided to make something I already had. I tried a new recipe, Mini Polenta Pizza! Super easy to make. Take a tube of polenta, you can find them in the produce section near tofu, slice it into 1/2 inch slices, brush with EVOO. Bake at 400 for 20 minutes, flipping halfway. Then top with sauce, veggies and cheese and broil for 5-ish minutes to get it all melty. That's it! I had never had polenta before and bought some on a whim a couple days ago, sun-dried tomato flavor.

My toppings are all chopped and ready to go!

Half way done baking.

Ready for the broil!

Parchment paper burns....

I rounded out my meal with a couple spears asparagus I threw on the baking sheet with the polenta, a salad and a pomegranate soda from whole foods.  Most of my chopped veggies didn't fit on the pizzas, so they went in my salad. Easy-peasy!

A couple hours later my sweet tooth reared it's ugly head. Luckily I had anticipated this and was prepared to make a chocolate smoothie bowl! I pretty much used her exact recipe but only 1 cup almond milk instead of 1.5. It definitely hit the spot, though I think next time I'll only make half a batch, it was a huge bowl! It's a weird color because of the spinach....

Since my parents are out of town, I moved Penny and Andy's bed into my room so we could all sleep together like a happy family. Good night!

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