Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Eats

Wednesday was a much better food day for me. I went out in the garden and picked some fresh kale for my morning green smoothie! I also added a scoop of protein powder so it was super creamy. 

I also had some oatmeal for breakfast. This is the cup I use in the microwave so it won't boil over. Oatmeal, wheat germ, flax meal, half a mushed banana, peanut
butter and raisins!

I ate breakfast kind of late, after I walked the pups, and just had a quick bowl of homemade granola for lunch with Silk. Once I got to work I had to crack open my little bottle of coke and grabbed two spring time oreos from the package in the work kitchen. Once I got to my desk I realized I didn't even really want them and they weren't that good, so I licked out the insides and threw the cookie part in the trash. A little bit later someone brought out some ham/cream cheese/tortilla pinwheel rollups and wanted to get rid of them before she went home. I took one and they were so delish I ended up eating 7 total. Someone else offered me a no-bake cookie and I took one to be polite, but should have resisted. They were so sugary, almost disgustingly so. Nothing like the chocolate-oat blobs I make at home. Next time I will have better resistance. 

A little bit later, I decided it was time for a chai latte, so I went to the cafeteria to get some soy milk, remembering that I had seen some in the milk cooler. I thought I remembered a red-boxed original flavor, but they only had chocolate and vanilla. I got the vanilla but was afraid it'd be a bust in my homemade latte. I was so wrong, it was very yummy with chai tea! 

Aroung 7 I decided it was time to bust out dinner. I had orzo pasta that I had topped with lots of veggies and pinto beans and red sauce. I didn't feel like I brought that much, but once headed up and mixed together I could barely eat half and saved the rest for Thursday. For dessert I had some applesauce and a chopped kiwi (not together). When I got home I had some Kashi crackers and a laughing cow cheese. 
Overall I felt like I ate well!

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