Friday, April 22, 2011

Thursday and Friday Eats

Thursday and Friday were good food days for me and I am proud of myself for making good choices throughout all of both days. 


I got up and took the dogs for a 30 minute walk, then dropped them off and headed out to do 1.1 in my Couch 2 5K app. I decided to start from the beginning because it's been so long since I've gone running. The run was pretty easy since its such short spurts and I felt great when I got home. 

I had my typical smoothie and oatmeal breakfast and then before work I had a PBJ tortilla that I heated on the stove like a quesadilla. 

Natural PB and strawberry preserves. 

Toasted to ooey-gooey perfection!

At work around 5 I had a snack of a strawberry greek yogurt, and then shortly after a dried prune (I love 'em, so tasty!) and some roasted pumpkin seeds. I only ate about a third of the tupperware.

A couple hours later I had a soy chai latte (I brought the soymilk from home this time) and an oreo from the kitchen. Still wasn't that good. I am beginning to understand Bethanney Frankel's views on the "food differential" and if something is even worth the calories compared to the taste. 

For dinner I had the rest of my orzo from Wednesday that I left in the fridge at work. I stirred in a small tupperware of roasted beets and gobbled it up! 

For some reason, I have noticed that "whole", clean eating foods don't seem to keep me full very long. Or perhaps it was because I'm bored out of my mine at work usually? Regardless, I snuck into the doctor's dictation room and took a Nutragrain bar (which I only ate about half of, it wasn't that good) and some Ritz PB crackers. I inspected the nutrition labels and was surprised to discover that the Ritz were actually healthier than the Nutragrain bar! The Bar had a lot of sugar in it, while the ritz had much less. I'm sure that would be reversed in reference to the fat content, but I think sugar is worse for you. 

I was still bored/hungry after that and had some brownie ice cream. Once again, junk food that really wasn't that good for the calories. I think that a splurge on ice cream/cookies/cake/whatever is totally acceptable, but it has to be worth it. This was not. No more cheap ice cream that some random co-worker brought!

When I got home from work around 11, I snacked on two different flavors of Laughing Cow cheese and Kashi crackers and pretzel thins. Perfect bedtime snack!


Friday morning I woke up and knew I had to get down to business. My parents were leaving for a driving trip to Michigan early Saturday morning and I promised mom a cute travel back for her birthday, April 23! Tomorrow! I quickly picked some fresh spinach and kale from the garden for my morning smoothie.

So bright and green!


I love the rainbow of colors before being blended to a weird color.

I wanted an oatmeal break and had some Honey Bunny O's for breakfast, they were honey goodness. 

I then got busy sewing! I had already finished making the bag pieces but needed to finish quilting them and the put it together. I finished just in the nick of time at 2pm! Just enough time to hop in the shower, make a quick lunch, drop my paycheck off at the bank and head to work at 3! Phew! 

Finished product! I am glad I finally found a good use for that fabric. It's from a skirt that my mom had when we lived in Florida. Maybe not good fabric for a skirt, but it sure is fun and colorful! 

The pocket was supposed to be bigger, but I ran out of fabric...

Before I headed to work I packed a quick dinner for work making two PB and honey roll-up, one to eat for dinner and one to eat while driving to work. Once I got to work I was still hungry and scarfed down my baby carrots. A little bit later, I busted out the second PB and honey wrap and a small bottle of diet coke. It definitely hit the spot. Around dinner time I had some yummy spinach and artichoke hummus, green pepper, pretzel thins and my fav cheese. 

Around 8pm I had a snack of a crispy Gala apple and a blueberry greek yogurt. I love greek yogurt. I don't think I could go back to regular yogurt ever again. But the cute little cups do have quite a bit of sugar. I'm trying to switch over to plain greek yogurt with fresh cut up fruit and/or honey/agave nectar.

A couple hours later I was seriously craving some cereal! Sometimes nothing else can hit the spot. From the cafeteria I purchased a vanilla Silk, Kashi Go Lean and a banana. It was exactly what I was craving. Of course I also filled up my giant water glass with ice water while I was there. No ice maker in our department fridge! 

When I got home from work, my parents were still up and getting packed to leave in the morning. It was nice not to have to creep around quietly. Since I was still full from my cereal at work, I enjoyed a bit of German dark chocolate hazelnut spread we got at Seigi's. It was good, but has kind of separated or something and is a weird texture and won't stir back together. Still tasted yummy. 

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