Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Monday and Tuesday Eats

Monday and Tuesday were tough for me, food-wise. Last weekend I had decided that I wanted to put more of an effort into eating clean. Whole, healthy food and lots of fruits and veggies. Monday morning I was proud of myself for eating healthy food. I had a smoothie and oatmeal for breakfast and then Honey Bunnies and Silk for lunch and I had a good dinner and snack packed for the rest of the evening. I wasn't going to buy junk food in the cafeteria. I was going to DO THIS! Well......I showed up to work at 3 and there was food everywhere! White-bread sandwiches on a platter, desserts, a sad looking fruit and cheese platter, veggies and dip and a HUGE bakery cake. So big that it came in a cardboard box like 2ft by 3ft. Some sort of best wishes/going away thing. IDK. I'm new. After seeing that giant cake, my heart fell. I love bakery cake and have a weakness for frosting like nobody's business. Within minutes of sitting down, my boss reminded me there was a giant cake it the back and it needed to be eaten. Well I don't need telling twice! I immediately had a small piece with extra frosting. It tasted good in my mouth, but all that sugar did not feel good in my stomach. Throughout the rest of the day I had my PBJ wrap..... and then another piece of cake. Then later a snack of carrots and sliced bell pepper and sliced zucchini....and another small piece of cake. By the end of the day I felt gross. All that sugar was making me sleepy and sickly. I was disappointed in myself that I had succumb to the callings of sugar against all better judgement. When I got home, I had some cheese and crackers and went to bed feeling disappointed. I felt like I ate dessert and junk food simply because it was there and not because I necessarily wanted or needed it. 

Tuesday, after looking through my Fitbook food journal from Monday and seeing all that "cake", decided to workout. I did the DCC Power Squad Bod DVD workout. Truthfully, it's not that great of a workout. The moves are great, but the trainer talks so much I don't feel like the 30 minutes is spent as efficiently as it could be. For breakfast I had a smoothie with a scoop of jillian michaels protein powder. For lunch I had a veggie burger (Amy's California, literally the best kind ever) with hummus, spinach and pepperjack cheese on a whole wheat hotdog bun. It was delish, but a little dry since I didn't add any spread or dressing. I craved something sweet afterwards and ate the kiwi I had cut up to take to work. 

When I got to work, it was apparently food day AGAIN! There was a huge cake box, but I thought it was the same one from yesterday and figured I could have better luck resisting stale cake. It was fresh, new cake for the April birthdays at work. The other evening shift people brought random stuff like fried chicken fingers, green bean casserole, potato salad and various other deli salads. I passed on all the fat and had my snack of a homemade PB bar and blueberry greek yogurt. Later for dinner I had a HUGE salad and it was so yum! Romaine hearts and yellow bell pepper and beets and broccoli and mushrooms and a little ranch dressing and a string cheese and applesauce for dessert. Unfortunately it didn't keep me full for as long as I'd hoped and around 9 I was hungry again and out of food. I succumbed to the junk again and had a piece of cake and some brownie sundae ice cream. I think part of the reason I succumbed was just from the stress of listening to my co-workers. The like to bitch and moan a lot and my ear-buds don't drown out all of their boring chatter. I'm definitely an emotional eater. The cake/ice cream combo did not help me feel better and a little later I walked to the cafeteria simply to escape all of the ridiculous political discussions. I bought some Cool Ranch Doritos, which made me feel even crappier. 

Once I got home, I realized I'd been a little hard on myself. 90% of the food I ate both days were healthy choices that were good for my body. The truth is that sugar is a drug and has addictive properties for some people. I am one of them. The more sugar I eat the more I crave it. That night I decided that this week's goal was to limit sugar in all forms, in an attempt to loosen the little devils hands on my intelligent decisions. 

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