Thursday, January 20, 2011

winter sunshine

I love this pillow! It is so fun and whimsical. I wish I had stumbled upon it over christmas break and then would have had time to make one for myself!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Eleven of my favorite things!

I love looking at lists of people's favorite things. I just like seeing the kind of things that people think are important in their lives. Mostly I love Oprah's lists because I always hoped I would one day get to go to her show on a favorite-things episode and leave with thousands of dollars worth of stuff. Well here is my list

1) purity made simple

This face wash is so awesome! It makes my face feel so smooth and really reduces any chance of breakouts. It's quite expensive, but luckily my mom loves it too so she buys a giant $40 bottle and gives me half of it. I also love philosophy's moisturizer, Hope In A Jar.

2) hideaway pizza

I love pizza and could eat it daily and Hideaway, by far, is my favorite pizza. I love all of their pizzas, but plain pepperoni is my always a classic.

3) louise hay

This woman changed my life. Well, she gave me the tools to change my own life. I found one of her books, You Can Heal Your Life, a couple years ago when I was going through a tough time and it truly changed my perspective on so many things. I feel like I am a different person from embracing her Science of Mind philosophy. Whenever I take time and remind myself of it's beliefs and work them into my life, my life always gets amazingly better, even when it is already great!

4) macbook pro

I got a new Macbook Pro in May and it was the best decision ever! I love it so so much! It is so fast and so easy to use. I never get stumped with how to do things. The only negative thing is that I got a 15" and I wish I had gotten 13". I love it, but it is too wide to fit in a lot of totes for school so it has to stick up long ways. A shorter computer would be easier to take to class.

5) disney

I love everything about Disney. Disneyland, Disney World, Disney Cruise, Adventures by Disney, the new Hawaiian resort. All of it. If I could vacay there at least once a year for the rest of my life I'd be a happy camper.

6) water

I love water. I drink it all the time. It is seriously my favorite beverage. Sometimes with ice, sometimes without, but always with a straw.

7) belize it or not by OPI

My favorite shade for fingers. It is dark, but not too dark and red-ish, but not too read, kind of dark pink? I don't know but I love it! I wear it alllll the time. The only problem is that my bottle is getting super gunky and even my nailpolish thinner can't fix it and it's a discontinued shade...

8) almond milk and soy milk
I love soy milk soo much! I use it all the time, it is so good in cereal and cooking. Plus it lasts way longer in the fridge than regular milk. The only problem is that I think too much soy not good for you, so I've started using almond milk and I like it just as much! The only time it doesnt substitute for soy milk is when I'm making a homemade pumpkin spice soy latte, the almond milk is not a sufficient sub. I always get the "original" flavor. Vanilla is good, but too sweet for me. I love the chocolate flavor of both, but only for a treat, not on cereal!

9) green smoothies

Basically my daily breakfast! Don't let the green color fool you, it taste just like a regular smoothie!

1 banana
frozen strawberries
1 handful spinach

As long as you don't add too much spinach, the fruit masks the veg flavor and it just taste like fruit. If you add super sweet fruit, such as pineapple, you can add a lot more spinach. Just make sure you blend it for plenty of time so it is nice and smooth!

10) nike plus

Such a magic fun device. I have a little velcro thing I got on amazon to hold the chip to the top of my shoelaces and then I use my iphone. Knowing how far and fast you've been running and the kind of improvements you've made really is a great motivation. I love looking at my profile on and seeing how my times have improved over the months. I just crossed over to the blue level online!

11) aveeno lotion

I am literally addicted to lotion. I carry it everywhere and put it on all the time. This is my favorite brand. It's thick and not greasy and rubs in smoothly and has a slightly soothing effect. LOVE!
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