Saturday, October 9, 2010

Learning Enrichement

School is hard. I love school. I love starting new classes and getting new books and new school supplies, but the actual act of serious studying/learning has always been a challenge for me. Mostly because I don't study. Quite honestly I believe this is because I have some weird idea that I would rather fail a class because I was too lazy to study (and there if I did study, I would have done awesome, but my laziness just got in the way) than to say that I studied my butt off but still did terrible because I am just too dumb to understand the information.

I went and talked to the Learning Enrichment center 2 weeks ago. He gave me some goals to work on (1) study outside of my apartment, (2) find a study buddy. Not for social studying, just some to sit at the same table and quietly work on your own stuff. (3) get practice questions. I went to the library and found some great board review books that weren't all clinical questions.

Then I had a follow up a week ago. I think talking to him helped. He gave me some good study advice and ideas for how to improve (or in my case, where to seriously start)

Learning steps
1) preview before class, just enough so you know the gist of what the lecture covers
2) lecture, take the best notes possible
3) review right after class, this is the best time to review, while the info is fresh. the longer you wait and the more you sleep before reviewing, the less you'll remember
4) weekend review, make a study sheet or questions outline if you have not already done so.

Some of the stuff I learned about myself is that when I study, I learn best if I hand-write the notes. When I type, I feel as though I'm just speeding through to get the information copied onto my computer, which in actuality is useless. Though I am totally capable of just speeding through my notes even when writing, so I have to consciously go slowly to actually learn the information.

I have also decided that I want to try to get into a more steady schedule. I have class at 10am on MW and 8:30am on TR and then sleep in FSaSu so I get up at all different times. My new goal is to get up at 7am MTWR and then maybe 8 or 9 on FSaSu. I hate how I wake up at 11 or 12 or even 1 and then feel as though the whole day is gone. I think I could get a lot accomplished in the 2 extra hours I'd have before class on MW. Maybe even some pre-reading, which leads me to my next realization is that I need to do more pre-prep before class. While studying for anatomy I was just thinking about how much more I would have learned during lecture if I had just read the book before class. Not even fancy-read with notes and stuff, just straight reading. Another new goal or me.

I know that I am 26 and should have all this crap figured out by now, but I don't. Well, actually I do. Intellectually I understand everything I need to do and have for a long time but there is some sort of disconnect to the execution phase and I have a tough time actually doing all the stuff on my to-do list.

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  1. i completely understand how you feel. i have been procrastinating analyzing some journal articles since noon! haha


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